Is it possible to get pen marks out of Coach leather?

  1. So... my hubby got me a wallet for V-day, specifically a soho leather one. One of my pens in my bags apparently was open and rubbed itself onto my wallet. Curiously, any ideas for how to remove it? I don't want to stain the leather or anything. It's blue pen marks on the light pinkish leather.

    Thanks for any advice. :yes:
  2. you could try the coach leather cleaner. i got pink pen on the pinkish leather in my soho wallet and i just rubbed it off.
  3. One time I had a pen mark on vachetta, which I think is more difficult to remove. But I used the eraser from the tip of a regular pencil and erased the little thing off and it worked perfectly. Maybe it was just me?
  4. I've always used a white eraser on suede/nubuc shoes. Just today, I lightened up an ink mark on white leather. Do it gently try not to break the leather surface.
  5. white pebble leather coach bag!

    It's new (from the coach outlet), its a white pebble leather bag and I know you're only supposed to clean the pebble leather with a damp cloth...I have a pen mark on it (blue ink about 1" long) prob when I used the pen at the pharmacy yesterday....argh!

    Is there a way to get rid of it? TIA!
  6. You could try calling JAX and seeing what they recommend. I'm not really sure. Is it really big? (eep!)
  7. okay, people are probably going to freak out at me for saying this, BUT ...

    i've used a q-tip with a little bit of nail polish remover to get pen marks off of my bags (for whatever reason, i get them often, lol.) you could also try oxyclean stain remover which i use all the time. the trick is, you have to use enough of either product to get the stain off (just dab at it or lightly brush), but not so much that it seeps into the leather, causing it to make a more permanent mark.

    i don't think i've ever tried this on leather - oxyclean works on the sig pattern, & on other bags i've had (canvas, nylon materials), it's worked. also- where on the bag is the spot- the front, side or back? if it's on the back, it wouldn't bother me as much. the front, however- that's where we have to think carefully about how to remove this spot, lol. good luck!!!!
  8. I think I recall some people have used a Mr. Clean eraser ??? Maybe you could do a search first to see how it worked out.
  9. Its on the back, but I still don't like it....I know its not the biggest deal in the world, but after seeing it, now it just irks me :yucky:
  10. Cheap hairspray on a qtip should work
  11. Please be careful about "smoothing" out the pebbled leather, while you're rubbing. That seems to happen easily on that type of leather! (It's happened to me.)
  12. Apple Cleaner/conditioner?
  13. I`m interested in your results....I also have a white pebbled bag and I`m scared to death of getting ink on. Please let us know if you find something that works.
  14. I was at the Coach boutique Sunday & a woman came in with a pen mark & color transfer on a pebbled tattersall tote. The SA used a magic eraser on it & got the pen off (not the color transfer though).
  15. I would try hairspray. I have taken pen off other things with it before. Just don't rub too hard.