Is it possible to get an authentic YSL woc without authenticity card?


Dec 28, 2008
I just ordered YSL woc large in black and white lining from my local ig seller.
The point is there are no authencity card, leather, or care booklet for me, only bag and box were given to me.
They said that it's only what they got from the store.

Anyone have ever experienced anything like this?
I'm little worried though the bag looks authentic to me. :sad:


New Member
Jul 17, 2017
yes! i bought the small woc from and what came were only the box, woc and dust bag. not even the silica gel! i'm planning to return it.. huh


Jan 18, 2016
San Francisco, CA
I bought my first WOC from a physical YSL boutique today and mine did not include an authenticity card either. I thought it was weird and the S.A. said that (most?) WOC don't come with the card or even the serial number. Idk if this was implemented recently or if it's always been like that, but she also said "because you purchased from a YSL boutique we have your information so not to worry." I was happy I finally got my hands on the coveted pale pink Chevron w/ GHW, but a part of me still questioned the authenticity of it even though i purchased it from a boutique!

Anyone else have experience?