Is it Possible to get a Quilted Stam.........

  1. on eBay that is below retail ??? - Authentic of course :smile:
  2. Possible? Yes. Risky? Most definitely!! I personally would save my pennies and buy one from a reputable retailer like Saks. It hurts the wallet, but at least you know it's real.
  3. An authentic Stam (even used) goes for more than $1k on eBay; ebayer Personalshoppers (trustworthy) recently listed several Fall '06 Stams for a little less than $1200.

    Stam is MJ's most popular bag since debuting in Fall '05, it has the best resell value. The most-in-demand Stams are the discontinued colors and/or those with suede linings.
  4. I don't think an authentic Stam will go for less than $1k. I second the recommendation of Personalshoppers. I bought an authentic Chanel from her-wonderful service.
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