Is it possible to get a new clochette? Help with my stained LE!!!

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  1. Hi, I used my LE Speedy Argent for the first time and accidentally got it stained with the dye of my blue jeans! The clochette (the bell keyholder) got a really bad color transfer. I am wondering if anybody bought a replacement clochette and how much it will cost. Please help! :cry:
  2. I'm sure you can definitely get a new clochette and shouldn't be too expensive as it's just a spare part... Hopefully someone should chime in with some more specifics!
  3. MacBook, I have read threads here about people having clochettes replaced, so I'm sure it's possible. No idea what the cost is though but maybe if you do a search you could get an idea. :smile:
  4. Do you have any pictures ?
  5. In my desperation, I tried using a white eraser and it did the trick! Last night I was able to rub the blue jean dye off my clochette!!!!! :yahoo:

    I should have taken pics before and after, but I was not thinking straight and was really desperate. So Ayla, I was not able to take good pics. After the white eraser, it still was not back to its original state (looked a little dirty), but was much improved than before. My DH said that I was the only one who sees the dirt/dye right now. I may still get a new clochette if the price is right.
  6. They use an eraser in LV to clean up smudges and markings.
  7. I would also try asking for a new one too.
  8. Hi, I just came from my local LV store to inquire. The SA told me that it will cost $70 for the replacement clochette, but will take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to arrive. She also offered to try cleaning mine with their "special tools" to see if the dye can be removed further.