Is it possible to get a fake Chanel lipstick?

  1. Is it? I have 2 different types of Chanel lipsticks-1 from the aqualumiere line and 1 from the Rouge Hydrabase line-some things on the tubes look different. For example-on the aqualumiere one-the top part of the cap is gold. it also says made in france, where the Rouge one says Chanel, New York, NY Creme lipstick.

    Is it normal for 1 tube to look one way and for another to look different? Or, is one a fake?
  2. I think the different lines are supposed to have different colored CCs and the black might also slightly vary, however, Chanel is a faked cosmetics brand... I've seen Chanel blush in a round case on eBay...:throwup: where did you get the lipsticks?
  3. the chanel lines definitely have different colouring options. & they are definitely faked! grrrr!

    I have a lipstick a dear friend got me in NY (USA edition only ! not for us poor Europeans) & it too has the wording 'Chanel, New York, NY' on it. Perhaps this is becasue your lipstick, like mine, was a US only edition? just a thought?
  4. I hate to say because I don't want to get yelled at-LOL. I bought one on eBay and one came directly from the Chanel 800 number.
  5. i dont think its fake.... i just looked at my chanel nail polish which i bought from a chanel counter in a dep store... it has 2 logos on the back... Chanel Paris and Chanel NYC
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