Is it possible to get 4 letters heat stamped?

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  1. Right now I'm considering a 4 key holder with my new baby's intialled put on it. I could just have their first and last initials, but is is possible to have all 4?

    Thank you
  2. I had 5 letters printed on my card holder - my first name:smile:
  3. That's very helpful- thank you!
  4. My lv store will only do 3 letters.
  5. I had 4 put on one luggage tag, but I don't live in that area anymore. I have yet to find anyone else who will do 4.
  6. I have seen it done but most SAs will only do 3.
  7. Same here; only 3
  8. I have 4 letters on my luggage tag. they made an exception. that was in Dublin. they wouldnt do 4 letters on my 6 key holder in paris though!
  9. Siradong on Youtube had four letters on a wallet if I remember correctly. But she's a regular at her local LV so even if there was a 3 letter rule at the store, I'm sure they made exceptions.
  10. I think online they restrict you to three letters only. In a store they may be more flexible I would guess.
  11. It's 100% possible. I get 4 letters done all the time.