Is it possible to get 2 neverfulls in 2 days @MOCA?

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  1. I'm flying to LA on Sat and will be staying there for 2 days. I plan to buy one neverfull MM for myself and would love to get another neverfull GM for my sister in UK. Is that possible? Is one person one bag the daily limit or it's for their entire time there? Do they actually keep track of the customer information?
  2. ^^They take down your information- one bag only total. If you're traveling with someone they can buy one for you under their own name.
  3. 1 big 1 small per person..

    this is what i know

  4. A bunch of us tPF girls are going to MOCA on Sat. morning. If you would like to join us we would love to meet you. (This goes for anyone else that would like to go with us.) Just PM for details.
  5. *Beljwl* I just PM you. Anyone from Orange County Ca ~I might be able to go on Friday too:yes: ~PM if you like to carpool
  6. I was hoping that I could get one on Sat and the other on Sun. Maybe that's not possible?
  7. Maybe try and bring a friend (maybe a male friend who's not into LV) that's less likely to buy a big item
  8. yea when you buy they ask you if you have shopped w/ Vuitton before so they can look up your info. If you have not, they run your drivers license to get your info that way. Time to bribe people to buy bags for you!
  9. Thanks for all your help!. I'll see if I can get one of my LA friends to get one for me or I'll just get the lovely rond for my sis. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and hopefully the bags are still available when I get there.
  10. anyone want to pick me up a Rond? *bats eyelashes*