Is it possible to find these from the coming Saks EGC?

  1. Hard to find items, I know I know. But still can't stop dreaming:yahoo:

    1. The red lambskin classic flap with leather interwoven chain, or
    2. The patent black reissue 227,or
    3. black/metallic black 225 with GH.

    If not from Saks, anyone has spotted any of those somewhere else? TIA!
  2. I think that the Saks at Somerset might have the 227 in black patent, I saw it on Saturday. Ask for Diane, she is the sweetest SA. Good luck & let us know!!
  3. Saks NYC Chanel had the 227 Black Patent Reissue (with gold h/w) as of store closing tonight (Tuesday). You can give them a call and ask for Ndo.

    As for the red flap, Saks never ordered any in red lambskin (in any chain) or any in the medium size (in any chain, caviar or lambskin). They only had the red jumbo's a couple of months ago but those are long sold-out.
  4. saks never got the black metallic reissue :sad:
  5. I just found the metallic black 225 and I am pretty happy now. Thanks for your info about the black patent 227. I hope some one from TPF will be able to get it!