Is it possible to find the Coco Cabas anywhere?

  1. If anyone has any ideas where I can purchase a Coco Cabas please let me know. I would prefer the leather. I called the Chanel store in Orlando, but they didn't have any. Is there a main number for NM? Or do I need to call every city and check.

    Mine are all vintage except one that I got in Vegas with all my winnings :yahoo:


  2. Call Shannon McCrary at NM - toll-free 877-634-6265 - ask for her.
    Tell her Amanda told you to call and she can quickly check her PC to find one at any NM in the country.

    Also, there's at least one thread in here or the Chanel Shopping sub-Forum telling where current stock is.
  3. NM is not getting the Cabas in leather according to the Chanel 800 number. I reserved a caviar leather one in Grey from a Chanel boutique and when I called to inquire about the bag today she told me that she could indeed get me a black by Friday but the Gray was still not in yet and won't be here for a few more weeks. try the Bal Harbour store and ask for Lilly.
  4. NM gets Cabas in leather. I bought one from them.
  5. Neiman gets both black and grey leather as far as I know.:yes:
  6. Well, once again...the Chanel 800 number fails me. I guess they just do not get accurate information from the powers that be. Anyone know where to score a grey one?
  7. Thanks Swanky. I called that store and they told me that they weren't getting the grey but some NM stores will be getting it in. I was going to pre-order it but the gal that spoke with me told me Chanel would most likely get it sooner. I just love that bag. I will never call the 800 number again. Misinformation....
  8. I bought one Sat. from the Chanel boutique on 57th in New York. They had a few--black leather, which is the smaller of the two sizes only.

    The number is 212. 355 . 5050. I spoke with Brenden.
  9. They are sold out... :sad: You are lucky!!
  10. Hey everyone,
    I am new to this forum but I noticed you all were looking for this wonderful bag - coco cabas. I work with Cusp a new boutique store from Neiman Marcus. The Century City store still has them, they are in Los Angeles. Give them a call at 310.552.0300 and ask for Lisa. Also for pix check out Cusp. It's blog for the store!
    Enjoy :smile:
  11. I would like to get that bag but I'm not sure about sizes and materials. Girls you see more knowledgeable that I'm so please feed me on this. Are they two sizes on this bag?
  12. Sorry... if I don't like mine I'll let you know, before I send it back.

    Keep watching the forum though, that's how I found mine. Someone posted a thread that they knew about some that had just come in.
  13. I just declined a black leather COCO from Nordstrom's Downtown Seattle can try there to see if it is available! Ask for Denise.
  14. I so want a gray one. :sad: I really only have one gray Chanel bag and it is lambskin and scratches so easily...
    The patent/vinyl one does not do it for me.
  15. Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone has actually seen the cabas in the grey color cause i was told by a sales rep that it was more of a taupe grey and looked almost brown. She stated it was a nice color also..can't decide between the black and grey. Any suggestions anyone????? Thanks:yes: