Is it possible to find the blue baby cabas in NY?

  1. I live in Atlanta, but will be travelling to NY in about a week. Anybody know where I can get my hands on a blue baby cabas 2007 Resort collection? I'm in love with that bag. Also, someone I know will be going to Miami, Florida area soon, so I can have them pick it up there if any are available. Am I just nuts thinking I can get this bag that soon? Just how long are the waitlists?
  2. Call Ettie at Bal Harbour, Florida. She had one foe me, but I already got one. If you don't have any luck there, try Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They just opened on Thursday, and if they don't have, they will probably get more and their waitlist may not be too long! Also, someone mentioned that Chicago has a grand opening this month too. Good luck! :yes:
  3. Luxuryfan, would you have Ettie's # handy? I really appreciate your response. Thanks
  4. most of the chanels I called have really long waitlists for everything except the black and white.