Is it possible to find a French Blue GGH City anywhere now? =(

  1. Hi. I'm VERY NEW to Balenciaga but I've always lusted over the Giant Hardware Cities / Part Time. (didn't even know what they were calling until NOW haha)

    The colors that I've fallen in love with are the French Blue & this Periwinkle color I saw in the color reference.
    I was wondering if it's possible to find it now? Or is it too late?

    What year & what season were they?

    I don't even know where to order. I've emailed AR but I'm not crazy about their colors.

  2. they're both SS07 colors. have you considered electric blue, which is new for this season? it's very close to french blue!

    you can try calling balenciaga new york, Barneys, there are quite a few reputable sellers located nation wide.. if you're from overseas, you can try balenciaga paris.

    electric blue/french blue mirror comparison
  3. I was at Barneys Las Vegas during lunch today and they seemed to have a lot of GGH Cities and/or PTs. Might be worth a call - 702.629.4315. Mark was very helpful today.
    Good luck.
  4. i saw a fb ggh city at balny about 3 months ago. it was also the last one but maybe you'll get lucky!! good luck!!
  5. I agree with pluiee.. EB and FB can be very similar so if you're not fussy, consider getting EB with GGH instead as it's still available and you wouldn't have to pay too much over retail for it. Good luck!
  6. Wow, they are really close in color aren't they! Thanks for the comparison pics!
  7. The Barneys NY (Chestnut Hill, MA) had the '08 Electric Blue City with GGH. I'm not a big Blue color fan, but I must say that this bag was a real beauty and the GGH really popped on this bag.

    Good luck!

  8. AHHH!!! Thanks soooo much. Do you know when you saw it?
    If recent, I definitely want to give them a call!!!!
  9. I saw an EB GGH PT! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!