Is it possible to find a Courier for less than retail?

  1. Or am I dreaming? Does the courier ever go on sale?

    And what is the range of resale values for used Couriers (assuming they are in excellent condition)? There are a couple on eBay right now, including a gorgeous emerald green one, but I don't know much about prices for used.

    Sorry for all the newbie questions lately!
  2. you can get them cheaper (usually) on eBay and also i saw one on there are also online sellers like ann's fabulous finds and realdealcollection - they sell previously used authentic bags too.

    good luck!

    BTW - BAl almost never goes on sale! eBay is usually the best bet, sorry
  3. I saw Courier at bluefly a month ago or so for their usual 20% off + 20% coupon floating around.
  4. Thanks! I should have mentioned that I checked those sites. But I didn't see a courier anywhere.

    Some of the used bags on Ann's and real deal sell for more than retail! Hmmm... maybe I should be thinking of a B bag as an investment!
  5. I know there is one lady on this forum who has a gorgeous Rouille Courier which she found on eBay for something like $650 or $699.

    I don't know about sales, but eBay does seem to have some killer steals on them from time to time if you keep your guard up.
  6. There were quite a few on ebay last winter for a lot less than retail, but it seems as though at that time, it wasn't a coveted style!
  7. oh yeah, i totally forgot about BlueFly, good suggestion:tup:
  8. definitely check ebay.. I sold one a while back for a steal. The only problem is waiting for the right color to pop up.
  9. I love the courier style!!! Good luck!