Is it possible to exchange??

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  1. My dad leaves for Paris tomorrow (yes, with out his favorite daughter:sad:not fair) and he usually is good about buying me a purse if I want one as the "souvenir" he brings back for me... and I was never one for LV but lately the Damier and Epi stuff has grown on me. Sooo I was going to have him buy me a bag, and I gave him three ideas... but between handing him the list on paper at dinner and driving home, I've decided I'm not sure if I really want them anymore!

    SO... is it possible if he buys one for me to exchange it in the US? Not get a refund, but just exchange it?

    I'm guessing my answer is probably no, but I just figured I'd ask anyway. Hope this hasn't been asked before, I looked but no luck!
  2. Yes, absolutely you can exchange it. They can't REFUND it which is what I expected. :s

    I did it for an iPod MC white case which I realized I hated while on the flight back to JFK NYC. The 5th Avenue store let me exchange it / pay the difference US price for another item that I got as a gift for someone else. :confused1:

    How I ended up going from a "me-thing" to a "someone's else gift" is another story though... :lol:
  3. im pretty sure u could, because i hears that it sort of their policy to let customer EXCHANGE worldwide though..

    i was meant to get a bag from singapore and wasnt sure yet so the SA in SG LV told me i could just buy 1 if i happen change my mind by the time i came back to sydney, i could always exchange it in sydney..

    HTH :heart:
  4. Yes you can as I received gifts purchased from both LV Paris and LV in London and they did exchange them for me here in Aus:yes:
  5. Awesome - thanks for the answers!
  6. so now i'm curious... how would they calculate the price difference?

    say i buy a MC speedy in europ and decide to exchange it for a MC trouville in the US. how much of store credit would i have left? would they just subtract US price of trouville from US price of speedy? or would they actually calculate how much i paid for in euro and convert it back to dollars?
  7. My wild guess ; LV will calculate the price you paid in Euro and convert it to US dollars. Either you owe $$ or get extra $$ (store credit)