Is it possible to exchange Boutique bag at Saks?


Dec 21, 2006
I am swooning & so giddy tonight! FedEx delivered a box to my office today from my long-distance beloved... inside was a gift-wrapped box... with the classic flap handbag in black caviar with goldtone hardware, an early Christmas present! When I called to thank him, I got all choked up becaused this is the handbag of my dreams (the most expensive one I own is a Ferragamo I purchased on eBay, and today I was toting a shoulder bag from Target :blush: )

He told me he purchased the large because he thought it the most practical, but that I shouldn't hesitate to exchange it for the medium size if I thought that would please me even more. And in all honesty, I think the medium would better suit my petite frame. The problem is that he purchased it from the Chanel Boutique in his city (the gift receipt was tucked inside), and there isn't one within close-enough proximity to me that I can make it there before I leave on Friday to fly back home to spend Christmas with my family. According to the Chanel web site, however, the Saks in my dad's town does carry Chanel handbags.

Will I be able to exchange the bag there, and if so, will the difference in price be refunded to me in the form of a credit or credited to my SO's charge card? I would much rather have him get the benefit, not me, and maybe that can be accomplished only if I send it back to him so that he is the one to make the exchange? Many thanks in advance -- your input will help me decide whether I take the handbag with me -- and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!
Saks and Chanel are too different corporate entities. I do not think Saks will exchange/return a bag purchased at a boutique. Call the number on the boutique receipt, ask for the SA and ask her how to do an exchange. Good luck!
THANKS for your so very helpful replies, you saved me from much possible aggravation. After calling each of the 3 Boutiques in Manhattan, I decided to "play hookey" from the office... left mid-afternoon to exchange it (I'd guessed wrong yesterday, it's actually the Jumbo size) for the only Large/medium left in town, at the Madison Avenue Boutique. After all, which is more important, work or my very first Chanel handbag?!

I'd just like to add that the Madison Avenue sales associate I dealt with was a pleasure, both on the phone and in person. Whoever answered the phone at the Fifth Avenue Boutique should take some lessons from her :rolleyes:
He had enclosed the gift receipt from the Boutique in Houston. Madison Ave. issued me a new sales receipt, and a gift card because of the difference in price (turns out he had paid cash so the price differential couldn't be credited to his charge account).