Is it possible to dye a metallic calfskin?

  1. Hi everyone... i just got this square silver metallic calfskin mini from 16S collection. SA told me that it is hard to clean this bag. Im kinda nervous of the wear and tear down the road. It has a suade texture for a calfskin. I am wondering if it gets dirty, is it possible i can have it dyed to black in the future. Anyone with experience on this type of leather? Thanks!
  2. I can't answer your question, but I think that Mini is beautiful!
  3. Thank you! :biggrin:
  4. I don't know either, but if you do actually manage to dye it black, what do you plan to do about the strap which appears to be gray? Is it possible to switch the strap color to black?
  5. idea too. I read somewhere here leather surgeon do professional service? Hope someone could give an input if its possible and if straps maybe get done too?
  6. Call Leather Pros or Leather Surgeons and inquire. Good luck!
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  7. Highly recommend leather pros. Mark can work miracles!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Love that mini I was contemplating it as well because it sort of "glitters" due to the way the material feels like it has that suede veil texture. I passed due to the same concerns you have too. I would say use it carefully and enjoy it to its fullest but definitely extra careful. On dyeing the bag, definitely ask professionals but I wonder if that would come out well. the reason is not because of the metallic, but rather the texture of this specific bag. I've not felt any metallic (chanel or non-chanel) with that veil feel (hope you know what i'm referring to since you have it? It's really hard to describe! it's like this almost stocking like feel of the leather surface...?) if you ask a competent professional on dyeing it, definitely would recommend it's someone who can feel the texture of the leather first before deciding... the reason is that I wonder while the "base" leather on this bag is sturdy, whether or not the top layer that I kept rambling on about would be able to endure the dying process without being damaged or would come out well in how it takes another layer of color dye without looking "patchy" or something. They may very well be able to do it at one of the trusted leather professionals like leather surgeon, but perhaps safer to have them touch and feel this particular bag's material before making that call/judgement as for sure the texture of this one is not obvious by photo alone. HTH.

  10. Thank you for the reply! Im still on the fence with this bag. The pros and cons, didnt even get to use it yet. Just took picture and thats it due to busy work week. Will have to decide on the weekend. I'll have time to stare at it :lol:
  11. I'm wondering what do you mean by suede texture. I have the exact square chevron mini 16s except it's red (see my profile pic) but it's a smooth leather touch to it (though it might be caviar)
  12. It has a suade feeling to it. Calfskin is usually hard to touch leather, lambskin is buttery but since its a leather, water drops will just pebble on top of it. This one im scared because it might actually absorb dirt and water due to it feels like a soft fabric but SA said its made of calfskin.
  13. 20170116_151957.jpg
    Close up picture on natural light.


    What it looks like at night on different lighting. It turns beige/gray color.
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  14. 20170114_212412.jpg
    The iridescent also pops out with,night lighting :loveeyes:
  15. I'm hesitant to agree if you should color it black looking at the pic you just put up. It looks almost delicate but pretty.