Is it possible to completely empty a bottle of polish?

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  1. I've wondered about this for a while... Is it actually possible to empty a bottle? Of course, the brush doesn't really reach to the bottom of the bottle...
  2. Is this like the age-old question of how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? :P No! The answer is no, you can't. :biggrin: lmao! Who here has ever finished a bottle of polish? :lolots: Anyone? Anyone? :whistle:
  3. I have emptied a bottle or three. Way before I had hundreds of polish.

    Mac Confectionary to be specific. I use to love to wear that on my toes and nails! I would tilt the bottle just to get enough polish up the sides to touch the brush. The color was discontinued or else I would've bought more lol.
  4. I know I haven't :lol: I also throw out base/topcoats when I can't get enough on the brush anymore by just quickly "dipping" it in...
  5. Ooh, that's interesting.. Isn't it frustrating to tilt the bottle all the time though? And is the result as neat as with a "fresh" bottle?
  6. I had a polish from Bath & Body Works (of all places!) ... I think I bought it sometime in the 90's ... looks a lot like OPI's Princesses Rule ... that bottle looks about 80% empty. Does that count? :amuse:

    Ah yeah, I hate diggin' for top/base coats! I try for a while until they get all gloopy. Blarf!
  7. It is possible, but improbable in my stash :P

    For tilting half-empty bottles I make a little 'rest' with Play Doh
  8. Yes it was frustrating lol. BUT that was my fav color and it was discontinued so I did what I had to do!

    The polish results were the same. I may have added thinner I can't remember.
  9. That's a good idea although I have no play doh around. I have a polish holder that works.
  10. Ooh this is a good idea - I don't have any play doh to hand so I'll have to try it with Blu-tac haha :smile:
  11. more unlikely than likely....
  12. techincally i have..

    i bought a new bottle and used it some.. then poured the old one in the new one..

    do this with top and base coat all the time too.

    but finishing a bottle.. never.

    i have way too many polishes never tried or tried only once for that experiment to ever
  13. Noooo, just start using a new one and when you use up enough decant the old one into it.
  14. I haven't even gotten to halfway of any of my nail polish!!! Yet that doesn't stop me from ordering another bajillion more lol.
  15. I have finished a couple of bottles.. Below the 3/4 line the polish got thicker (maybe due to more air/space in the bottle?)and moved really slow that by the time the last few drops were left they were too thick to grab onto the brush:smile: HTH;)