Is it possible to change your username?

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  1. I registered this morning and in my half asleep state, have put my email address as my username - is it possible to get rid of the email address bit? Can an admin do this? How do I contact?

    Duh that'll teach me to go registering for things before breakfast. My handbag fetish got the better of me ;):lol:
  2. OMG, i didn't know that we can change the name. Vlad, could you change my name too?:smile:
  3. You guys should probably PM Vlad w/ name change requests, just in case you want any privacy adn to make sure he sees your request.
  4. I don't just change user names, especially not for folks that have their names established, sorry. Changes are only done if private information such as email or real name are given away.
  5. Is there anyway to change it?
  6. no.
    Vlad doesn't really allow name changes unless someone unknowingly used their full name or e-mail addy.
    I'm sure he'll see this and weigh in, but just in case he doesn't, I wanted to let you know his general feelings on it.
  7. I realize this is the LV subsection, but this is the only area I read or post so I thought I would ask here. I want to change my user name since New Girl won't apply for long, ha ha.
  8. Since it's the LV subsection, this does not belong here.

    I will move this thread to the appropriate forum for the attention of the admin of the boards.
  9. Would this be possible at all without creating another account as I'd like to keep track of what I have posted so far? Any help would be greatly appreciated :flowers:
  10. I believe it is possible to change your username without creating another account, you must simply contact Vlad with your request.:flowers:
  11. ^^ That's cool, I didnt no you could do that!!
  12. I would like to clear up the misconception that I allow name changes just for kicks. I don't.

    If your nickname constitutes a serious privacy issue, I'll help you out. Being bored with your current name is really not a reason. :yes:
  13. I sent a message about 1 week ago to the "Contact tPF" at the bottom of the screen and I havent heard back.

    I tried searching threads and nothing shows up.

    I dont see a section for it.

    Can someone tell me what to do please? I am not liking my screen name anymore.

  14. U cant do it yourself
    U can PM VLAD and ask..But they r pretty b patient
  15. Jill is right.
    It's also important to know that Vlad won't just change a name for the sake of not liking it.
    His policy is usually only to change names for people if they accidentally chose their e-mail address or something w/ personal info in it.
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