Is it possible to change/cancel an order?

  1. I ordered a birkin at the Hermes store I already bought my first one from. It still hasn't arrived and I started doubting that I chose the right color combination. So do you think it is possible to cancel that order and order another birkin? Or will they make me wait forever if I do so?
  2. Not sure if you can still cancel it but you can always ask your SA. Tell your SA that you have doubts about the color and if it's possible to change your order.
    If it's not possible to change it anymore, you can always turn the bag down once it arrives. If you don't like the color, you don't have to take it ;).
  3. ^agree
  4. I don't think you can change an order once it is placed. You can, however, turn it down.
  5. I concur with all the responses - bag swap with friends :p
  6. i'm not sure if this applies to all Hermes store but the store in my area doesn't do refunds. they can only issue an exchange or store credit unless you buy the item from the website ( then they may issue a full refund within 30-day period.
  7. I don't think that the op has purchased a bag.
    Hermes does not require money up front to place an order.
  8. i think u can change your order before July 1st week.. Thats when the store manager goes to podium in Paris, so you still have a few days.
  9. unless the order was made before the last podium ?
  10. Thank you ladies! when was the last Podium?

    IF i turn down the bag, is this a big Hermes "no go"?
    I don't want to wait forever to get the next one...
  11. People turn down bags all the time. I think the ability to order again would be compromised unless it was clearly an Hermes fault like wrong hardware, size, leather...all of which have happened to me! It does depend on your relationship with the manger though.
  12. Changing it can lead to major mistakes IMO. I wouldn't take the risk.
  13. I changed the colour on my first order but beware it took much longer to arrive, when you change something on your bag once the order is placed it goes back to the end of the line
  14. I was able to change the color of my PO as long as they still haven't sent it to Paris ^^
  15. i am sure it all depends on the store but personally i would also just wait for the order and if i do not like it, turn it down and ask to order another one?!