Is it possible to buy a LV bag in the same month/year as its datecode?

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  1. A seller on eBay has a bag with a datecode LM0096. She claimed that her ex gave it to her around September. Given that the bag was manufactured in Spain in September 2006, it is possible that her ex could purchase it in the same month/year?
  2. Your best bet is to post a link in the authentication forum. Sounds funny to me
  3. :yes:
  4. ITA, but if she said around september, could have been october...I have got stuff with date codes only a month old.
  5. dido, my Mirror pochette is made in Nov of 06, and i got it yesterday..
  6. it IS possible.. i remember my sister's manhattan pm said april 05 and she got hers in the end of the month.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. I feel much relieved.
  8. can someone tell me how I figure out the date codes. I dont understand how I can tell the year and month is was made, please help
  9. do a quick search on the forum and you will find HEAPS of threads regarding this

  10. first digit = first month digit
    second digit = first year digit
    third digit = second month digit
    four digit = second year digit

    so 0123, would be 02/13 feb, 2013