Is it possible to buy a longer strap?

  1. Does anyone know if they sell straps for bbags that are longer than the ones the bags come with? It just seems like I've seen quite a few celeb pics where the long strap (messenger style) seems significantly longer than the straps that I've seen on the bags in stores. (I'm pretty sure that it's not just b.c the celebs are smaller that the straps seem longer, too.)

    Is this possible?

  2. Nope sorry! Wish it was though.
  3. I'm wondering though..... say you have a first. Can't you order a city strap from Bal and use that one on the first????

    I think someone once mentioned they ordered one because they'd lost the original strap, so it could be possible???????
  4. I had e-mailed balenciaga about this and they didn't really reply back with anything...I forgot where the thread was...if i find it i will repost.

    If anyone has new info that would be great