Is it possible to buy a Box for my bag?

  1. The Box that comes with my bag is old and falling apart.
    The black and white box. (I'm not sure what to call it)

    I was wondering; Is it possible to buy a box?
  2. try eBay? I think I saw a box there yesterday...
  3. all of my chanel boxes are flimsy and falling apart -- if i pick it up at one end, the bag goes sliding out the other! and this is the way they came from the store. i've been puzzled by the boxes lately -- why can't they make nice ones like they do for hermes? also, sometimes the box has the sticker for the bag, sometimes it doesn't. it makes me think that there are two kinds of boxes: the boxes that the bags are shipped in (which might be nicer) and random chanel boxes that the SAs keep on hand. if i were you, the first thing i would do is go to the store where you bought your bag and ask for another box. for these prices, they should be happy to accommodate you.
  4. yeah the Chanel boxes are not what I would expect. LV boxes are much nicer and sturdier.
  5. That's funny I've got some really nice Chanel boxes in very durable cardboard where you can take off the lid and the bag is inside. I got 2 large sizes ones when I bought my Chanel GST and expandable and I've also got a lovely high cube shaped one that my Petit shopping bag came in.
  6. oh how strange. i bought my GST and it came in a flimsy box =( not the cardboard type..kind of makes me want to get a new box too..
  7. do these boxes have the sticker with the information about the bag on the side?
  8. I love chanel boxes too, but you should not store your bags in there, believe me, it will ruin your bag! Leather needs to breathe otherwise it will smell moldy.
  9. aha! so i received my reissues today (yes, reissues plural) and they came in the box with the lid (lid is black, bottom is white) that has the sticker on the side with the bag information. i think these are the boxes the bags are shipped in and are much more durable than the ones with the flap sides. i stand by my theory that the flimsy boxes are ones the SAs have on hand in case the original box has been lost or damaged. didn't i read somewhere that certain stores won't let you return a bag without the box? i agree that you shouldn't store leather for a long time in boxes, but they're good for short-term storage (assuming you rotate your bags frequently), shipping and moving.
  10. Perhaps you might want to ask your SA to give you a new box or to "trade in" your old box for a new one? I would think it might depend upon the SA, although I'm not sure if it's a "policy" not to give out extra boxes (to prevent counterfeits from being sold with authentic boxes, etc).
  11. I know when I get my bags at NM, it seems I rarely get the box with the correct label on it. Usually the boxes have no label, so if you got the bag at NM they obviously seem to have boxes lying around.

    Though I will say my Pearl Reissue did come in the right box! yippee.
  12. Yeah i got my purse with the incorrect box, and i say that because first the purse doesn't look like it will fit in that box and it had the wrong label on it. Wow, i would think that they would try to keep the box with the correct purse, but i guess not. I don't care, as long as what's inside is good. :yes:

  13. I picked up my red expandable tote on Sun at NM and it was in a huge white Chanel box. First white chanel box I have gotten. I didn't think they made the white boxes anymore. But what was funny was that the sticker on the box was the correct sticker/label for the expandable tote. My only assumption is that they put about 2 bags per box when they shipped or something. It was way too big for that bag.
  14. Now...if they could only make the dust covers larger.:push:
  15. ^ oh how i definitely agree with you. :p It's so hard to put my purse into its dust bag, i have to get my bf to help me put it in cause i am afraid to scratch the purse. haha. and i think i have already scratched it trying to put it in its dust bag myself.