is it possible the discolouring vernis turn back to its original colour?

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  1. Guys,
    please help me
    I bought a silver spring street on ebay and I get the bag now
    its GREEN!!!!!!:cursing:
    and I dont want it anymore
    what can I do:crybaby:
  2. if you payed via paypal, i think you can file an "item not described" dispute.
  3. but in her description she doesnot accept refund unless based on authenticity
    is it still fine?
  4. I'd chat with an eBay rep via Live Chat. :yes::yes::yes: See what they say, then contact the seller about the problem and hopefully the return can be done.
  5. I actually want to :crybaby:now.
    i just email the seller.
    thank mrsjimmyh and john.
    i tried to ask the ebay rep
  6. She actually replay this:

    Hello , the color is silver, it has a bit of
    discoloring on the exterior as mentioned in the
    auction. You can try to bring it to professional dry
    clean or leather cleaning store for good clean and
    restore the color

    the bag colours turn to green, it is not bit discolouring rite?

    is that possible for the discolouring vernis back to original colour (silver)?
  7. Just another thread for my unlucky ebay purchase.

    is it possible for the colour change to its original?
  8. Are you referring to yellowing vernis?
    If so...I don't think that the colour will change back. Actually, I'm sure that the colour will not change back to its original colour.
    If you are referring to colour transfer, I think some members have tried mr.clean magic eraser to clean MINOR scuff/transfers...but good results are not guaranteed.
  9. it is just i bought the spring street silver from ebay
    she mention a bit of discolouration on the exterior.
    but when i get it the colour is totaly green
    i mean light green and not silver.
    i just pissed off
    and she told me it can be clean if i bring it to professional.
    i know i am a newbie in lv that's why i ask the professional here.
    thank karman
  10. No...I doubt any professional can clean LV patent leather that has entirely turned into a different colour.
  11. gr.....
    really disappointed and angry.
    i hate when people lie to me.
    it's just not rite.
  12. I agree with other tPFers, it's imposibble to change color back and don't bring it to dryclean! They'll peel your vernis piece only then it'll be a good reason for seller to refuse refund :Push:

    I ever called SA regarding this issue and they we can do nothing after vernis get discolor, I'm sorry for this bad thing...
  13. it depends on how big is that 'bit of' color difference posted on the auction page. If it's a pretty big area, see if you can file 'Item not as described' w/Paypal. But ultimately it's up to you to ask for additional pix of the spot as well as the seller to decide if a refund/exchange can be done. good luck! :flowers:
  14. well in the description she mention minor dicolouration on external
    when i saw the picture it assume it is the yellowish shadow at the front of the bag may be the reflection of the golden hardware.
    but when the item arrive it actually in light green and one side it's greener instead of silver.
    just to make sure the right colour, could someone please attach a silver spring street picture
    thank a million
  15. aww- sorry to hear that! I'd file a dispute under "item not as described"- there is no way to restore the color.