Is it possible that the same color has different shades?

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  1. I really love the Sahara colored bags. I bought a hobo with GGH and then a Day with GSH. I noticed though that the Hobo was much darker than the the Day. I checked with the friend who brought it in for me from HK and she said it was a Sahara.

    I looked at the color reference and it really looks like an 07 Oatmeal to me. Is it possible that the Sahara has various degrees in shades? or was I given an 07 Oatmeal instead? The other saharas I've seen are lighter like my Day SH. Would like to know if anyone has experienced this - I still love it either way but i would like to get my facts straight. I can't find the paper tag with info....
  2. Yes you are completely right although no sales person seems to agree with me.
    I ordered a sahara first and it was the most gorgeous deep tan, sparkly color.
    Then I ordered the sahara city and it was a totally different color...much milkier with a slightly greenish tone to it:Push:

    Since then, I have noticed that many of the recent saharas I have seen are very light, and frankly quite unflattering for (perhaps) any skin color IMO.

    It seems with Sahara's in particular, seeing IRL is a must.
  3. This is common among many bal colors, so it is completely possible that you do have a Sahara even though it looks different than the other bag.
  4. What does your tags show? It could be possible it is Oatmeal. It is also possible that it is Sahara afterall. Variations in shade within a colour is common. Rather, it happens quite a bit.
  5. I can't find the tag for the Hobo but the tag on my Day is Sahara. I remember seeing Sahara when I got the Hobo - I think - :shrugs:
    Thanks for all your responses, well, at least I know that there are differences in the same shade sometimes - I can sleep better. I actually don't mind the difference - since the hardware is different, they give me different looks - and I love them both :smile:
  6. Yes, it is possible. It depends on what "batch" color your bbag came from. I incurred this when I was purchasing my Aquamarine. Luckily I scored a really saturated complex Aqua. There were some out there that were more straight "green" or "blue" than mine. It happens because each bag could have come from a different batch.
  7. That is why I like to see my Bal bags IRL. There can be so much variation in the colours. But that's also what makes Bal bags interesting, I love all these pictures posted on this forum because the colours and quality of leather turn out so differently.