Is it possible that some F/W 07 colours are already out??

  1. I was in Holt's today and there was a new blue there that I have never seen.

    It was definitely not bleu glacier and I dont think it was marine iether. I compared it to the marine matelasse they had and the colour was not the same. Definitely wasnt french blue iether. It lookd a bit like Indigo and when I look at the F/W07 colour swatch it looked very much like that blue.

    They only had the colour in 2 twiggy's so I could not tell by the tag. Is it possible that the marine on moto bags is different than marine on matelasse bags? Or is it possible it was a F/W colour?:confused1:
  2. Could it be blueberry left over from 06? It would be great to see pics.
  3. most likely it's a blue from a past season... for example you wouldn't believe how many rouille bags Bal Paris has... and emerald, and I also saw an ice blue a month ago etc etc...
  4. I thought that was possibe. But they just got the bags in (they werent there 2 weeks ago) and I checked the cards on both bags, said 2007. I wish Balenciaga put the colours on those cards!

    I had left my phone in the car today so i couldnt even take spy cam pics!:cursing:
  5. ooohh a blueberry
  6. maybe cornflower or blue india?
  7. It's probably an old bag...Holts gets the newer colours later than everyone else, not earlier.
  8. I know, thats why I was so confused because the cards said 2007.

    The thing is, they already received anthracite, bleu glacier and sandstone weeks ago. Why would this mystery blue pop up after?

    I'm gonna go back tomorrow or Sunday to take some pics. It's buggin the heck out of me.

    And no....not blue india.....they had that ages ago and not cornflower iether. Def a 2007, the leather on the one I had on hold was quite nice
  9. Can you sneak a picture when you go back?

    And check the leather-lot number (4 or 5 digits followed by a letter, e.g. N° 1617 Y) on the interior tag.

    The paper card will say "2007 1" for spring/summer '07 and would change to "2007 3" for fall/winter '07. (if history can be any indication of the future, that is.)
  10. Yeah - definitely check out the season number that comes after the year!! That would help solve this mystery...
  11. If it's the one at the Toronto Bloor St. store, I know the one you're talking about, and it's a very blue-toned Anthracite:yes:
  12. Are you serious??? There were 2 of them and they looked totally different than the othe anthracites!

    Wow, if thats really anthracite then that some SERIOUS variation. This wasnt blue toned, it was blue, like indigo blue.

    I'll take pics this weekend. I'm sure its not a f/w colour but man is it buggin me!
  13. Wow...this is mindbending! Can you bring a better camera than a camera phone? We must have this properly documented !!! ;)