Is it possible for the texture in togo to vary in size?


Jul 20, 2009
I was in the boutique the other day and noticed that a Lindy in togo has various textures to it. The front and top seems to have a smaller veined look and the sides are fatter, almost fjord-like. When I asked the sa, she said that it is because the sides came from the belly area of the calf.

Would H not try to match the texture of the grain within a bag? I know that when ordering the more exotic skins, it usually take time as the craftman try to match the scales & so forth to make one bag.

Does it diminished the look of the bag if the texture/grain are not matched?
Sep 12, 2008
I have a togo ulysee agenda where the size of the texture is different on the back to what it is on the front. I think it depends on the individual skin (and individual tastes - some people care, some don't.)

I personally like a slight difference, but it's what YOU think of it that matters. :biggrin: