Is It Possible?could It Be True?

  1. Jill LOVES a TODS BAG......................WTH???

    ROFLMAO.nope,its not a Prada or a CHANEL!

    What do u think?I may have to buy it...sigh.its only (!)1550-
  2. It looks so Marc Jacobs...ITS DARLING!!!
  3. Perfect for spring/summer get it now!!!!
  4. it was just a matter of freakin' time Jill!:lol:

    I do love me some pink accessories though!:love:
  5. I think there are nicer bags out there in pink for that price.
  6. I am also getting a JUMBO PINK CHANEL for spring...LOL....THEN Im done for colors...sigh!
    But I think this would b a fun tote..NO?
  7. My thoughts EXACTLY!!
  8. OMG...the earth must have stopped rotating! :p Seriously though, good choice...Get it!!
  9. Oooohhhh... nice color, is it a "dusty" pink or is it my screen?
  10. good sign jill. it meant that u're not liking or buing bags just because of the brand but because of the look/design :yes:
    i say go get it if u like it
  11. love the the color!!
  12. Tod's bags are wonderful. Pink is my favorite color. I have a Dior pink clutch and an MJ pink bag. I've never worn either one, but they're mine and they're pink!

    But, back to Tod's....they're gorgeous bags. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  13. I was browsing online and saw that bag, and I love it! I didn't even realize it was Tod's. If you love it you should go for it, especially since it's different than the brands you have.
  14. I LOVE this color!
    And like others have said, it is a bit MJ style...I like it.
    But if you are getting a pink jumbo chanel as well, I predict this one will get left out...? Or maybe for more casual occasions?
  15. I'm actually not a fan of this bag... I think your pink, Jill, should just be the Chanel! Tods actually has a super cute bag out that Halle Berry has been carrying around. It's a hobo shape in either black or dark grey--so sleek and cute.