Is it possible Chanel just isn't meant for me??

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  1. Please bear with me....I'm feeling rather frustrated at the moment...

    Over the past 10+ years I've tried to love, and failed in enjoying, 3 Chanel bags. I started with the classic Caviar M/L. Decided it wasn't really big or interesting enough, and got a Reissue 226. I sold the Classic, used the Reissue for a few years, then decided that wasn't for me either and sold it. I think for me the issue is that even for evening they were too small (we're talking casual evenings...). Since that time I developed a massive love for Hermes, and have a few Kellys and Birkins that satisfy my day and semi-formal evening needs.

    Then mid last year I developed the sudden "need" for a Chanel Boy, and acquired the New Medium in black Lambskin with GHW (classic quilted pattern). I've used it 3 times, and again, am just not feeling the love! I so wanted this bag due to it's edgy look, and needed something to be able to wear for a casual outing that didn't look to "contrived" for lack of a better word. My problem with the bag is that it is clunky...won't close easily, wants to fall over...and just makes me fret every time I use it. I feel actual guilt for owning something expensive that I just don't get excited about wearing (unlike my other bags...which probably *should* make me feel guilty but I get a LOT of use out of them and keep them for decades).

    I think I need to let this one go. I'm considering trying a 227 reissue (since I'm 5'9" I can probably carry it off for less dressy evenings and still look appropriate), but do I bother? Then there's the void I have for a very dressy small bag, which gets me thinking about other small Chanels....

    Has anyone else just felt they want to give up on a brand, even though they've tried? Or is it just me not having found the right style and size for my needs???

  2. Wing nut I may be your opposite .... I love Hermes shawls and scarfs but not so much the bags except the Evelyn

    I love the larger Chanels like the 227 and the Jumbo and also the timeless clutch ... But Hermes has great clutches too if that is your style ... I don't think you should force Chanel if the brand's not working for you
  3. Someone who has her legs in both Chanel and H boat, I love both brands. That doesn't however mean I love every bag from these brands. I go for bags that work for me and my lifestyle. But it wasn't always the case. Last year I thought I was content with my Chanel collection and was ready to 'wrap' it up only to realize this year that many Chanel bags I bought because I went with the flow and was enabled by many beautiful reveals on the forum! So those babies got process of elimination u know which styles work or don't work for u! Don't be hard on urself! At least now you know which bags not to buy in the future ...
  4. Is it possible that you may not be a fan of the Chanel Classic styles? there seems to be plenty of seasonal that offers the Chanel classy elegance but with an edgier/unique twist that I personally find so perfect for a fun evening out. They generally come in single flap and multiple sizes too which gives you a bit more space compared to the classics too. :coolio:
  5. Hi WingNut! Nice to see you over here on the Chanel forum! Totally understand what you are saying. I, also, have collected primarily Hermes over the last 8-10 years, and have tried and tried to love Chanel, but just wasn't feeling it that much---though I have a a couple of classic flaps (one lambskin and one tweed), and a re-issue. Only lately have I gotten the Chanel bug again... Maybe since I'm not so fond of the newer Hermes bag styles and would like something different. I have bought one amazing Dior bag---the mini bar is my absolute daytime favorite! But now I'm dipping my toes in Chanel again---the thing I've found is that there are SO MANY options, especially with the seasonal bags, as Vanana says. Even if you decide that 90% of Chanel is not for you, that still leaves a whole lot of bags to choose from, especially if you are open to some of the exquisitely made vintage bags.

    BTW, I just recently bought my first Boy bag but have yet to use it. Am hoping I won't find it as problematical as you do... Anyway, if you delve into the brand, I suspect you will find something that makes your heart sing. And if not, that's OK, too. :heart:
  6. Try out the seasonal Chanel bags?

    I've decided that the Chanel classics and boy don't work for me because they are too heavy or don't really work with my day to day. However, I've been loving the seasonal bags! Lots of size options and many are light weight (compared to double flaps) and usually less expensive $ than the classics.
  7. Ok so forgive my "seasonal" bags do you mean single runs of a style only for a particular season, or a variation of a classic as it pertains to a season's whim? I generally try to stay away from things that don't have long production runs, as I see that more as a "trend" vs. a "classic" (and by classic I mean something that remains in style a long time, and not something that's "classic" in the style.

    In my case....I'm hoping that my frustration with Chanel is more of an issue with usability (i.e. too small or impractical in the closure) than with the way it looks....I adore the way all the ladies on here are able to rock their bags, and that's primarily what motivated me to try to find one that fit my lifestyle (that and I had a hole in my wardrobe that needs filling).

    I'm still thinking that maybe the 227 would work better for me, but is it edgy enough? I'm also not a fan of obvious logos.....

    It could just be the phase of the moon, but with my dissatisfaction with the Boy I'm in this "oh no, not again!!! I can't get it right!" phase with Chanel....
  8. I have a couple of brands I feel the same way about - thought I liked them, bought bags, only to later regret and sell. Fendi has been that way for me, as well as LV.

    Chanel I like a lot but not all of them, I'm definitely picky. So just wait and see if there's one that really makes your heart sing. Or if not - it'll be easier on your wallet lol!
  9. The Seasonals can be classic or trendy, but they are limited in production and usually priced less than the classics. I love the Seasonal bags because I like the uniqueness and they aren't quite as dressy IMO. You can find some of them on the Chanel site.

    Just because alot of women love their Med/Lg classic and Reissues doesn't mean they are for everyone. The Reissue is a great bag, I myself have a 227 and while I like it, I don't tend to wear it much and am considering selling it to put it towards something I will use. It might be because I find the gold HW too dressy for my everyday life-the black Reissue w black HW is a nice option.

    We all have made our mistakes, which is why I prefer to shop at dept stores that have more than a 2 wk return policy. Sometimes you just need to find what you like in other brands and maybe translate that to the Chanel?
  10. i sometimes feel this way about Chanel. i mostly have vintage pieces, but i was buying and returning quite a few Chanels for a while a few years ago b/c i wasn't happy with the length of the chains, the inside capacity, etc. the workmanship is top and the quality of the leathers is awesome, but if i can't wear it crossbody or fit my stuff inside.. what good is the name brand?! i started straying into LV and Bal and found that I really like customizing my bags and having options that Chanel just doesn't give. i love my Chanel bags and the brand in general, but it isn't as progressive in the designs as some other brands are, so i stray a lot now. i'm 5'10 and i was tired of the dinky chains on the bags.. i have to buy seasonal or a jumbo just to crossbody a bag? not cool.
  11. I love Chanel (and Hermes too!) but have found with both brands that I have to be really picky and specific about what works for me and what the usage of a particular bag is going to be. Finding a Chanel bag that can truly be an everyday bag has been really difficult for me. Most of the handbags are too small and many of the totes are either too flashy or too corporate-y for my casual and under-the-radar lifestyle. Like ccbaggirl89, being able to wear a bag cross-body is increasingly important to me (I'm 5'6), and I really, really want that outside back slip pocket. So, I've pretty much ended up with Reissues. I have one 226 in black and a 227 in dark blue, both with Ruthenium HW. I thought the 226 was too small for everyday, so bought the 227 but it still doesn't work when you want to carry a water bottle! I haven't bought a Chanel bag in years, but was recently re-bitten by the C bug, so I'm trying to wear my reissues more to see if I can justify another one. Results have been mixed, TBH. Love the bags, and I find the clasp easier to use than the turnlock on a Kelly. Stylistically, reissues fit my aesthetic -- they are beautiful, classic, can be edgy, and fly under the radar better than the bags with the CC clasp. But I either need to downsize or just re-assess which bags I'm using in which situations. I'm trying to travel lighter because I don't need the back and shoulder pain that comes from lugging too much stuff, but it's hard to go from an Hermes Garden Party to a Reissue 226. Still figuring it out.

    OP, I do think that something keeps you coming back to Chanel, so there is probably a bag out there for you. But it may be that you need to go in the opposite direction and go smaller, for that little going-out-to-dinner bag, since you have H bags that seem to cover your larger-bag needs. I will say that a Chanel flap lies in my lap much more comfortably than a Kelly with its handle that sticks up. I'm considering a smaller-size reissue (226 or even 225) or a rectangular mini because really, how much do I need to carry to run out to the post office or grocery store? What exactly do you want the Chanel bag to do for you? Maybe answering that question will lead you to the right bag.
  12. I have that feeling towards Hermes now...
    Bought a couple over the last few years...
    Sold some, kept some.
    But no way, can I see myself buying another.
    H is a prestigious brand, made from the best craftsmen.
    But, have you seen the replicas around? They really look like the real stuff, feels like the real stuff...
    Lindys, Kellys ( grade super AAA ) are lurking around my country, so much so, I really don't want to be associated with it, for now.

    As for Chanel, my last love.., was the EASY CARRY range, which have seen to stop.
    The seasonal zippers this time, looks too much leather and too squarish for my liking..
  13. Some times l have just come to the conclusion that it's ok to love the look of a bag and the brand as well as really appreciate it without having to actually own it because it just doesn't work out for you. Hope this makes sense!
  14. For years I had only purchased H bags. Got rid of all my Chanels. But I do like the seasonal bags because I like the play with the traditional elements. I also think that the timeless clutch is way more practical than H clutches -- easy to hold, holds a lot, looks chic.

    I have a PNY flap as my flap bag now (repurchased after I sold my original bag). Love the zipper/expandable elements. I love the huge travel flaps this season. I think it's easier to look at Chanel as a fun alternative to the birkins and kellys. JMO
  15. Interesting point....Every bag I own has GHW, because that is primarily what I wear. In looking for an edgy going out bag, I hadn't considered one with black HW, and didn't know there was such a thing! Do you have a pic?