Is it poor taste to buy fake handbags?

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  1. Here is the dilema: I buy 100% authentic handbags from the designer or department stores. My sister always wants to "borrow" my bags. Well one time she got one of the damaged and she's very forgetful (has lost a pair of 4ct diamond/platinum earrings my parents gave her) Now she wants me to buy her a handbag for X-Mas. I don't feel comfortable buying her a $700+ bag. Should I buy her a fake?
  2. We dont condone fakes here on the PF..ONLY the real deal.
    Maybe buy her something else instead?
  3. I think it's both poor taste and poor ethics, after all fakes are illegal. However I understand your dilemma, why don't you look into buying her a cheaper bag/brand? Marc by Marc Jacobs, Coach etc. or look in the outlets, that way the blow won't be as hard if she looses it or ruins it.

  4. I think I'll look into getting her something from Coach outlet. She scuffed up my Choo Ramona:cursing: :cursing: - an unforgiveable
  5. I agree, you should just get her a cheaper bag like M by MJ
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.