Is it okay..

  1. Would you date your friends ex?
  2. Some of my bfs' friends seem to think this is okay ...

    If you don't want to lose a friend, make sure she is okay about it first.
  3. No....can't imagine how it would ever be comfortable!!!!
  4. I was talking to my daughter about this subject. I don't think its right. One of her friends did that to her and I was explaining that a man shouldn't come between you and a friend. If she is truly your friend the thought would never cross her mind.
  5.!!! I am all for recycling, just not guys!
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Andreax!
  7. I personally wouldn't... it's kinda like recycling, but in a bad way :P

    Although I have set up my friends with certain ex's for dating, upon request of the friend.
  8. No, never!
  9. If it's one of my close friend's ex, I would never date him. I don't want seconds :biggrin:
  10. bluekit I love your signature :lol:
  11. no...

    been there done that...

    although you can't help who your heart wants you to be with...

    to make a long story short, it's not worth it in the long run. i don't regret the decision, i learned a lot from the mistake.
  12. I wouldn't. It would be uncomfortable. It would just make the whole friendship bad.
  13. Nope - the friendship is more important!
  14. It depends. My friend is getting married to her best friend's ex. The best friend and ex never had sex or anything (they were young) and they all knew each other. I would personally feel funny but none of them (the 3 of them) do.
  15. i wouldn't. not even if she claims it's cool.