Is it okay..

  1. to hand out my child's birthday party invitation at another child's birthday party?
    It is now summer holiday and school has ended more than a week ago. Last week I have decided at the last-minute that I am going to throw my child a birthday party next week (I wasn't going to throw one; but I changed my mind). Since I didn't decide until last week, instead of handing out invitations to parents at the school (the easy way), I have to phone every one up and invite the children one by one. However I do not have all of the parents' email addresses or mailing address so I only managed to do a verbal invite. This Friday we are going to attend one of my child's schoolfriend's birthday party. Do you think it will be acceptable if I hand out my child's birthday invite at the friend's party? Everyone has confirmed their attendance; I wonder if I have to do an extra step to give them a paper invite as well.

    Please advise.

    especially if all the kids at that party arent invited.Id mail them all..or deliver them.if there are one or two u dont have addies too..Id discretley give it to them when leaving said party(outside)
  3. Thanks Jill. That's kinda what I thought. I didn't know whether people would be expecting a paper invite or not. I'll figure something out. :smile: Thanks!
  4. U dont need a paper invite if they already confirmed
  5. i have to agree: NOOOOOOOO, even if all the kids are invited. that is taking attention away from the party you are invited to and the birthday child on that day.
  6. NO.

    Unless you are inviting every single one of the kids that are at that party..
  7. I dont think it's appropriate during the party but once the party is completely over and people are walking to the cars then maybe if you do it tastefully and still dont take away from the party you just attended. i would also ask the parents of the birthday child if they wouldnt mind.
  8. ^^^ Agree.
  9. Not cool, it might appear to some that you are stealing the other childs limelight!Lol!!
  10. No way!! I would be so pissed if somebody did that at my kids' birthday...
  11. i have to agree with the others, it is good that you asked. i think the other mother would be a little ticked off if you did that.
  12. no