Is it okay to wear the chocolate brown carly in the summer?

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it's a faux pas to wear a fall colour in the summer. It's just that I love the look of the carly and want to wear it now. I can't wait for the fall.
  2. i am wearing my chocolate carly now and think it looks great! there is NO way I could wait till fall to carry this hot bag! summer it up a little with some accessories if it makes you feel better about it :smile:
  3. You'd be suprised at how many pastels brown looks good with. If it's a C bag definately use it, it's fabric! I use my brown Ali leather. I think Coach has made it possible and acceptable to wear just about any color any season. The only exception for me would be something very formal.
  4. I'm rocking my chocolate Carly with the resort scarf from last year, which I tracked down on eBay a few months ago, and my Aquarius charm from Amanda!

    I think they look ok!


  5. ok I'm usually not a scarf person but that one is sooo cute on the carly. Someone else posted one of their choc carly with a leopard (??) print scarf that was too cute too!
  6. ^^Thank you!^^ It has been sitting in a dustbag for a few months now and when my Carly came in, I thought, "Hmmm....that scarf may look ok on it!"

    I think the ivory on the scarf brings out the brown!
  7. I'm using my ocelot print scarf on it, and I think pink would go really well too. I'm not using it as a much as my white Ergo now, but I'll use it a lot more when fall comes. I still think it's a fine bag for the season!
  8. You can wear brown ANY time of the year! :yes:
  9. thanks, i'm taking it with me to Boston and hope to find some pretty accessories at the Wrentham outlet to add to its beauty.
  10. No need to wait, its a great color for year round!
  11. ITA! Coach bags were made to be classic year round purses. I know lots of people who carry their dark brown leathers, like the Legacy shoulder and Ali, during the summer. It looks great with khaki capris or shorts!
  12. YES...Its OK. I pull out my Chocolate signature hobo all the time. Sometimes I put a scarf on mine to add a dash of color. I wear chocolate leather sandals with a lot of my outfits.
  13. Another Choc Carly carrier here! Of course, I'm no fashion maven so I wouldn't have even thought about it not being "in season". I figure, if they're selling it, I'm wearing it!!
  14. The chocolate carly is a great year round bag, I think...even though I don't have one. That dark brown is gorgeous paired with pastel colors (light blue, peach, etc)...and I often see it paired like that in Coach catalogs. Enjoy it!
  15. Brown is definitely a year round color. I was going to wear mine with this skirt

    and a brown tank today, but another monsoon is sweeping through the area, so I'll have to save my cuteness for another day.