Is it okay to return something and ask for the sale price after the fact?

  1. I recently bought a washer/dryer. I did a lot of research on pricing and features, etc. and so I finally decided on a LG washer/dryer duo from Bestbuy. So this past Thursday I went in to order and saw that in store they were not running any sales. I purchased the washer anyway and scheduled delivery for today. I was recently on the Bestbuy website and then checked it again today and I noticed that the washer was on sale for $150 less then what I paid in store. Would it be appropriate to ask best buy to honor the sale price after the fact since it is only a matter of days? We do get 30 days to return any item for whatever reason I think. Plus I spent about $2600 on the washer/dryer duo! What do you think? Your input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Yes. Do it. Here is what I found on the Best Buy website.

    "Two more great reasons to buy with confidence at Best Buy.
    If you are about to make a purchase and discover a lower advertised price offered by a local retail competitor on the same available brand and model, let us know and we'll match that price on the spot.
    Already bought? We'll refund you the price difference, plus an additional 10% of that difference up to 30 days after your purchase (14 days on select categories*, 60 days on HDTVs purchased from 6/3/07 through 1/12/08, 90 days on HDTVs purchased from 1/13/08 through 3/1/08).
    Either way, simply bring in proof of price while that lower price is in effect.
    Policy may vary between stores. Best Buy Puerto Rico Stores have their own store price guarantee. See store for complete details. Also see our Price Matching/Price Guarantee policy.
    The Best Buy Price Guarantee does not apply to our or our competitors' free offers, limited-quantity items, open-box items, clearance items, mail-in incentives, financing or bundle offers. The policy does not apply to typographical errors or a competitor's price that results from a price match."

    So, per their own policy, you should go back to the store with your receipt and you should get the difference in price back. I've also found that most Best Buy stores will honor a lower price on their website too.
  3. Has it been delivered yet cherra? Over here in the UK most electrical stores are cheaper to buy online, so maybe you can call the store and tell them you have seen it cheaper, and can they either honour it or allow you to change to the online order? It should be possible, as its the same company.

    Good luck :smile:
  4. Thanks K2sealer. I will probably go back to the store after I print the sale price from their webstie and take my receipt too and show them!


    Yes it was delivered today! And I was surprised that it went on sale because I've been contemplating the decision to buy for the last month and no significant sales. And now that I finally made the purchase and had it delivered they just went on sale like a few days after I bought it! :roflmfao:
  5. This same thing happened to me a year or two ago at Sears. I bought some tool or other for DH. The day afterwards it went on sale. I went back to the store to get the difference in price. The SA said they didn't do that. So I shrugged and said okay, I would like to return it, and buy it again at the sale price. I was annoyed that their policy made it more difficult for the poor SA.
  6. Best buy honors sale prices for 30 days after purchase so absolutely go in.
  7. I would definitely ask for the sale price!
  8. I don't think you need to return it (unless for some reason you don't like it), but I would definitely ask for a price adjustment. If they say no, then return it!
  9. Absolutely! You can request for a price adjustment. You do not have to return the actual washer/dryer. Just bring in your receipt and the ad that you saw online or their flyer. $150 is $150! ;)

    I do request for price adjustments at Target when I buy something then it goes on sale the following week. every penny counts. :tup: (especially, at Target where I'm sure most of us buy A TON of stuff!!! :graucho:)
  10. They also have the same policy at Macy's. Very useful, especially with their crazy sales.
  11. Absolutely...Best Buy WILL price match! I got them to price match my TV for $300!!!!
  12. Most stores will do a price adjustment during a specific time period.
  13. My mother always told me it was tacky to do this...Now I'm wondering if that's half the reason I'm poor! Lol. I didn't know so many stores would honor their sales after the fact.
  14. I actually sell appliances at Best Buy (you made a great choice by going with LG, btw, they're fantastic machines. just make sure you use the HE detergent!), and the previous ladies are right. We have a 30-day price match guarantee, so all you have to do is bring in your receipt during the sale period and we'll adjust the price for you.

    edited to clarify: you do NOT have to return the actual product. in fact, please don't, it's kind of a pain for us, lol. we'll adjust it without the product present.
  15. Congrats on your new LG washer Dryer combo. I have one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I had an equator brand before and it was the biggest piece of junk.

    Like others have said you have 30 days to get a price adjustment.