Is it okay to mix and match?

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  1. Would it looks weird to have a Monogram wallet with a MC bag? Or a Vernis wallet with a Monogram bag? What are your opinions on mixing and matching?
  2. I'm actually wondering the same, but with different colors from the same ligne, like vernis, is it tacky to have all vernis, all patent leather in a patent leather bag?
  3. I mix and match all the time. I think it gets boring when you have everything in the same pattern.
  4. I am all about mixing it up. In fact I carry a burberry wallet and other accessories in my LV's. Matching is boring! ;)
  5. I use my Framboise Vernis French purse in my monogram bags all the time. I also use it in my other LV Vernis, Epi, Denim & in other non- LV bags as well! :yes:
  6. I actually like it when bags & accessories AREN'T matching! Makes for more interesting contents/looks :smile:.
  7. I deifinitely think so!!!! I match up my Damier, Epi and Monogram Canvas patterns all the time.
  8. Nothing matches in my bag...check out the sticky'd thread "What's in your bag" to see the variety of lines in everyone's bag.
  9. See I like mixes of different lignes, but I'm just so concscious of my vernis accessories all in different colors
  10. Oh heck yeah I mix and match all the time...if I had a wallet to match each bag I'd be extremely poor, ha ha.

    I have a mono zippy wallet which I love and she goes in all my LV bags...and even in my Coach Signature and Fendi Zucca! OK, that's a little hard on the eyes sometimes, but at least the wallet isn't out on display all day.
  11. Well, since I never change wallets (I have a Mono Koala) and I change bags almost every day. I have Mono, Damier, Mini Lin and a variety of Gucci bags. So sometimes I match and sometimes I don't. I don't think it matters either way.
  12. I like the contrast between different colors and patterns. Being matchy-matchy isn't my thing, at least where bags and accessories are concerned :P
  13. I mix and match all the time. Right now I am carrying my Azur speedy 25 with a pomme agenda & indigo ludlow.
  14. I mix and match all the time. i have lots of Monogram, Damier and limited pieces. i have a mono, multicolor and Cerises wallet that i dont switch to often
  15. mixing and matching is the best i think. it keeps the people guessing (esp folks who work at the lv stores) when you pull out certain wallets, agendas, cles, pochettes that are all different. theres' not rule at all imho.