Is it okay to keep and use

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  1. old lip gloss even if you rarely used it? I came across about 6 or 7 MAC and Lancome glosses that I've used maybe 3 or 4 times. They still smell new & arent gross looking. A couple weren't open at all lol. These were bought around 2003. I really dont wanna toss em. What do you guys think? I did a search but didnt find anything.

    Would it help if I put all of them in the fridge or is it too late?
  2. I would keep them, I have some glosses that are about the same age that have hardly been used as well, and used them the other day and they were just fine.
  3. i think that if they dont smell funny and/or if the colour isnt separating then it should be fine to use.
  4. if you are worried, bring 6 old mac ones into mac for a new free one :smile:
  5. i have plenty of old lip glosses because i never throw them away. xD i would just use it still :P unless they have a yucky smell or look weird
  6. I 2nd this :yes:
  7. ^Yup if they don't smell or look weird they should be ok! I have a ton of them to back to MAC for a free one & now MAC lets you get a lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow! I think i can get at least 6 free things right now!
  8. I have old lipglosses from high school and I still use them. I agree as long as they don't smell or look weird it's ok to use them
  9. There is a thread about this somewhere, in which I confess that I still use some cosmetic items I purchased in 1965. Not lip gloss specifically, but there is a lipstick...

    If the color is still the right color, and it smells OK, or not at all, go for it!