is it okay to get my alhambra necklace wet?

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  1. is it safe to wear my alhambra necklace in the water and in the shower? will it ruin it in any way?
  2. Is it gold or does it have a stone? If the latter, which one?
  3. its the yellow gold sweet alhambra mother of pearl necklace
  4. You'll want to keep it out of water. If it does get wet, dry if off quickly.
  5. Generally speaking, you don't want to get pearls/mother of pearl wet ever. (At least that's what I was told.)

    I think it's a good idea not to wear any jewelry in the shower. Soap forms a film on jewelry and pieces lose their sparkle.
  6. I wore my sweet butterfly and wet it many times and now the mother of pearl is loose just like my bracelet was and have to take it in for repair. I had lost the mother of pearl clover on my sweet bracelet by getting it wet multiple times and at the boutique they gave me a flyer which states how to maintain the stone and they do not reccomend getting it wet.
    I now take my pieces off all the time
  7. Try not to get it wet.
    Don't shower with it on and don't wear it swimming.