Is it okay to carry bags that have patina'd in the rain?

  1. I bought a used handbag off of ebay a few months ago. The bag has a nice honey patina. Is it okay to carry the bag in the rain now? Or do I have to hide this bag from the rain like I would a new bag. :crybaby:
  2. YES! My mom carried her already slightly patina-ed black MC Speedy in the pouring rain a couple of months ago and after it dried, it didn't look any darker than it had before she even took it out.
    This is withOUT any kind of leather treatment, too.
  3. ^Same with my Speedy! It's one of the advantages of having an older bag!
  4. Yes, it OK to use it in the rain, snow, etc! Use it and enjoy it! There is nothing worse than buying a bag, paying big bucks for it and NOT using it! Bags are meant to be used!!! PLEASE, enjoy it and don't stress over forces of nature!:flowers:
  5. i bought a speedy- used and patina-ed.. i don't worry abt it at all! nothing can faze it! ;)
  6. thank you, thank you!!:yahoo:
  7. See this is what scares me,:nuts: I hide my bags from the bad weather I just cant help it.:shame:

    I'm sure its only going to take being stuck in the rain /snow once where i cant hide my bag and i'll be over it.
  8. I bought a "previously loved" Speedy and I've been so paranoid about getting it wet-- I'm so happy I read this! Now I wont look like a loon coming out of the theatre anymore:upsidedown:
  9. Use your bags and enjoy them!
  10. YES, it's okie now once it has somewhat fully patina-ed. Nevertheless... I ask everyone here to conduct a lil experiment: Take a big (preferably white) bowl and let it catch some rain. Once it has stopped raining, look into the bowl and ask yourself: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LET YOUR $1000+ BAG DRAIN IN THAT?!??!??!?!?! lol
    Hence, I would still not recommend taking out your LV bag when raining! :biggrin:

  11. of course you don't want your bag to get drenched in the rain :hysteric: but you don't want to behave all hysterical, if a couple of drops fall on it, but I get your point! :yes:
  12. Lol..yet my mom got the black MC Speedy pretty drenched at Disney a couple months ago and it's still perfect. The patina wasn't affected and the water that landed on the canvas just rolled right off.
    Oh and on an off topic (well not really, but it's just a different designer), my mom had a water bottle in one of her Chanel bags (it's the dark blue one in my collection thread "Rebecca's Collection") last weekend and it wasn't closed and it completely leaked in the bag.
    That was the side she keeps napkins in and honestly..the water just sat in the bottom on her bag in a puddle. Not ONE part of that bag was ruined in ANY way. I just took out the wet napkins, dumped out the water and later when we got back to the room, let it dry out for awhile and it's as good as new.
    So between that and the black MC Speedy episode, I'm reminded why I love LV and Chanel so much.
  13. I called the LV store here in Denmark 'cause I wanted to know if I should treat my LV MC bag with some kind of leathertreatment and the SA told me that I didn't have to - ever - 'cause they treat it with something from the fabric that lasts 4ever... So don't worry and use your bag as much as U want in whatever kind of wheather..
  14. oh so you do that dance too, eh? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. How about the Vernis line? I've read/heard you have to be super careful with them. I have a Biscayne Bay PM (first LV) and I am pretty paranoid about it.