Is it okay to be sad about missing out on a bag?

  1. *sigh* I KNOW this is silly, but I had to use the money I had put back for my french blue first to buy my SO a computer.

    The laptop for some reason was on the floor, and once of us accidently stepped on it and busted the screen. *I* don't remember doing it, but I can't say that it definitely wasn't me. So I feel bad, because the SO is really sad about losing the laptop. We looked up having the screen replaced, and it is almost 400$ :wtf: :wtf: That is what the value of a G4 ibook is NOW.

    I feel so silly for being sad, but I am. It will be atleast 3 or 4 months before I can get another bag, unless I sale one and I don't want to do that!
  2. aww! its not silly to be sad

    you are a good girlfriend and you will be able to get a bag later!
  3. It is perfectly ok to be sad. You did the right thing. :yes: Your next bbag will come - hopefully sooner than you think!
  4. Can't you split the cost of the computer since it's not certain who stepped on it?
  5. Its perfectly ok to feel sad, i would in your situation too!
  6. Well we just went on a trip and spent a lot of money so money is really tight for the both of us. Rather than charge a new computer on credit or take it out of our savings I felt like it was my responsibility to pay out of my *purse* fund.
  7. OH noooo that's terrible! I'm sending good BBag karma your way :flowers:

    Maybe when your boyfriend's financial situation gets better, he can help you get a bbag in the future. I think that's pretty fair since you helped him out with his laptop!

  8. ITA - especially since you may not have even caused the damage in the first place.
  9. I think you are a wonderful person doing a very noble thing. And, be sad about missing the bag, it is not silly at all.
  10. It's very generous of you to be willing to do this, since nobody is sure who is responsible for the damage. The good you do will find a way to come back to you, and you'll get the bag you want on down the road I'm sure. Until then it's ok to be a little sad :cry: .....after all it is a setback.
  11. not silly at all. that's very considerate of you to do that for SO.
    being sad about missing out on a bag is very natural!!!
  12. Thanks ladies. I feel a little better, and am even excited about the new laptop. I ordered the new macbook, not as nice as my macbook pro though! A friend of mine said I could sell the ibook on eBay for spare parts for maybe a couple hundred dollars, and I can start another fund!

    Hopefully I will be able to find a french blue first when I get out of purse ban prison! I was headed for a purse ban anyways.. it just came a little early...:p
  13. There's nothing wrong with feeling sad under these circumstances. You had been saving for something you wanted and now you have to use those funds for something else. Something similar happened to me, except it was my cat who needed my B Bag money, and I was REALLY, REALLY bummed because I was half an inch away from getting a new bag.

    But sometimes when you're in relationships you have to sacrifice a little here and there, and it sounds like this is one of your times to do that. But the other posters are right...maybe later he can help you buy the bag you were saving for. Wish my cat could do that for me. LOL!

    And no more leaving the laptop on the floor!
  14. aw, that's very sweet adn considerate of you...
    i wish you good b bags karma coming your way soon :yes:
  15. Wow you sound like a great person, I'm sure you'll get the bbag you want soon, but I can understand that you are upset, you are doing the right thing though:supacool: