Is it okay to accept Google checkout?

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  1. I've always used Paypal when buying and selling. I'm currently selling, and a bidder asked if she can use Google checkout. Is it safe? I know w/ Paypal they have confirmed addresses. Does Google checkout have that too?
  2. Great question!
  3. i've never had any trouble with it. setting it up certainly required a lot more information from me than paypal ever did. the only thing is that you can't mention it in your ebay listing since they won't let you offer it as a payment method. nothing to do with paypal of course :rolleyes:
  4. Thanks annanas! Do you know if they have confirmed addresses like Paypal does? Like what kind of protection do they offer?
  5. I do know Google does this verification check before authorizing credit cards, which I think means that they make sure the person's name and address is the same as what's on file with the credit card company. Sometimes for international orders, it takes a couple hours for them to approve the transaction. I've never had a problem with Google Checkout either, and I much prefer it to Payfoe! But then, I only sell on Bonanzle, and people are much nicer there anyway:smile:
  6. Here's a link to their section about fraud and chargeback protection:

    Fraud and chargeback protection - Google Checkout Merchant Help

    Since you can only pay with a credit card on Google Checkout (no bank account, no balance, etc.), a seller's only risk is chargebacks. They have "Payment Guarantee" program for sellers where they fight chargebacks on your behalf. If you get a chargeback, and you can provide proof of delivery (and a few other easy to follow rules), they will guarantee the seller gets paid. I've never had to use this luckily, so I don't know exactly how the process works, but it seems similar to payfoe, yet easier...

    Fraud and chargeback protection - Google Checkout Merchant Help
  7. Thanks for the links Bella... will check it out now!
  8. Thanks for the input on this, ladies!
    I just signed up for this yesterday and am now offering it on my Bonanzle sales.
  9. Oh, another good thing about Google Checkout is that you never have to "withdraw" your money. It gets transferred to your bank account within 2 days automatically. Google Checkout is more of a merchant gateway between the buyer and seller, whereas payfoe feels the need to stick its neck into every transaction. Google Checkout won't just randomly take or hold your money!
  10. I thought that Google Checkout isn't allowed on Ebay??

    I swear I saw that posted on here before, so look into Ebay's payment terms if you use Ebay. Otherwise, I hear lots of nice things about Google Checkout vs. PayPal!
  11. Yeah I read that too. But what happens if you use it?