is it ok to wear to a bbq party??

  1. Hi, was just wondering if this look is too much for a bbq. Gonna meet my bf's parents for the first time and they are having a bbq party... is the heels a bit too much??.. wanna look simple yet sophisticated.. don't wanna look too dress down as this is our first meeting :smile:.. opinions please..

  2. I think its a bit too sexy!!!
  3. ^^ agreed. if it was for a bbq with friends - sure, but for parents, no.

    The look is cute, but instead of wearing the low cut tank, layer tops so that your BF's mother is not seeing cleavage.

    And IMO the shorts with high heels is too much. A cute pair of flat sandals will keep you from looking too dressed down.
  4. Um, that's waaaay too sexy for 1. a BBQ and 2. meeting your boyfriend's parents.

    Won't your heels sink into the grass? Cover up your cleavage and wear longer shorts/skirt and flat shoes.

    For a BBQ where you have to impress, maybe nice jeans (in case you have to sit on the ground), cute flats, and a cute blouse? I usually wear flip flops, jeans, a tee, and a hoodie. :p
  5. Agreed with the others. Are those shorts or is it a skirt ????:confused1:
    I am assuming you are in someplace warm to even consider that outfit ??
    Definitely forget those shoes. As mentioned above they would sink into the grass. Wear flats/flipflops.
    And you don't want the first thing your BFs parents notice to be your cleavage !:wtf:
  6. It'll probably be outside, so I don't think the heels would be good because they would sink into the grass.

    Also, since you'll be around family, cover up a little more - layer your shirts so your cleavage isn't out - and heels with sort shorts/skirts is waaay too sexy for a party with parents around.
  7. It's actually gonna be held in their back garden.. the swimming pool area, so i think there will be lots of concrete stone floor..

    Its actually a short skirt ( it's a short but looks like a skirt from the front view).. i was thinking to wear tank tops cuz i think it's gonna so warm- the weather and the heat from the bbq.. i just hate to pespire.. so was thinking of wearing something cooling...
  8. I wouldn't go with that outfit either, especially if meeting ya bf's parents for the first time!

    If you really want to wear shorts, I would pair it with a T'shirt, then accessories with necklaces paired with cute ballet flats versus a tank top and heels. :smile:
  9. A tank top is fine, just not one where your boobs are popping out. Get one that's a bit higher. The skirt/shorts should be fine too, but NOT those heels. It screams HO for a first meeting with the BFs parents IMO

  10. hahaha what's HO??
  11. ^^check your PMs;)
  12. I thinkn wearing that is alright, but ditch the super mini shorts for a pair of shirts that are a tad longer and wear it with shorter heels. And try wearing a tank that doesn't cut that low.
  13. :yes: agree.. I wouldn't wear it if I'm about to meet my bf's parents.
  14. I think the shorts are OK if you cover up more on top and ditch the super high heels. Maybe something more chunky like a low wedge or small kitten heel would be better. I have worn short shorts like that (only denim) with kitten heels and an off the shoulder top (no cleavage though), and it looked quite summery and not at all trashy.
  15. Overall, you probably shouldn't take fashion cues from Posh Spice when you're meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time.

    No mom wants to see her son with someone dressed like...that.