Is it ok to wear my jumbo classic flap with silver HW with gold things?

  1. just wanted to make sure that it's not a faux pas to wear my jumbo classic flap with silver hw with things like my bronze-gold lanvin ballet flats and things like that......what do u girls think? i know i'll won't be buying a classic flap with gold hw anytime soon so i need to know how to work around this.
  2. I mix metals so I say go for it! You do not need to be matchy matchy and it is not a faux pas.
  3. not a fashion faux pas anymore to mix things up. i'm just starting to get into the whole ballet flat movement...are your lanvins comfy (as comfy as the chanel ones?)?
  4. I wouldn't use the bag with a gold dress, but with gold on your shoes I think you are okay...
  5. Yes, it is fine to mix.
  6. i have three lanvin flats and i love them! i actually like them better than the chanel ones, except for my cambon flats. :p
  7. of course it's okay!
  8. its definitely ok :yes: i mix and match gold and silver all the time :smile:
  9. it's definitely okay in my books! :tup:
  10. thanks ladies!
  11. It's a do! today, fashion is different you can mix match gold and silver
  12. Yeap, it's totally ok... I'd say go for it.
  13. totally very ok!!
  14. I think it looks modern and cool to mix metals... most of my flaps have silver h/w, but my coral medium flap has gold h/w... and more importantly, you wouldn't want your pretty bronze Lanvin's to collect dust because they aren't the same color as your flap's h/w :p...... go for it! :tup: :heart:
  15. im too scared to do this!
    i always wear my chanel with gold hw with really tailored smart looking things, so i dont really have the occassion come up much. But when I do, i usually just change shoes/jewllery to gold so it matches.