Is it Ok to wear leggings to an interview?

  1. thank u for all the adviceeeees, i'll keep in mind.
  2. Hmmm...I don't think I would.....
  3. You didn't saw what your industry is... I can see how you'd get away with something quirky in a media company or working as an admin but unfortunately professional jobs (finance, it, law... etc) come with a boring, conservative, unfashionable dress code. If you do the whole "trendy" or "sexy" thing unfortunately you run the risk of being perceived as somebody who comes to the office to flirt with her male co-workers; or even worse, run into somebody with the archaic belief that women who dress trendy are worthless in the workplace and thus make your life impossible. I really don't want to offend anybody, this is how I see things. I haven't been working for too long but from what I can see, you're supposed to look demure in the office, if you want a career (as opposed to just a job)
  4. Just, no.
  5. I would say no, IMO.
  6. Never. I agree that one should always wear a suit to an interview.

    After beginning a job and seeing how coworkers and management dress, then absolutely dress to blend in. But when one doesn't know what the expected dress code will be, it is always wise to overdress than to underdress.
  7. No way.

    Even if you're going to work in one of the contemporary departments, I think you need to look professional for the interview. Leggings are not professional whatsoever.

    Granted, I don't work in retail, but if someone came in wearing leggings for an interview, unless they had an absolutely stunning portfolio and were literally the best I'd seen in my field, there is no way I'd hire them. Always better to overdress and error on the side of conservative for (most) interviews. You only get one first impression.
  8. I say no too. Always strive to look professional (which usually means a suit) and err on the conservative side. People pay attention to how you dress for an interview and it will help you come across as competent if you are dressed right.

    When I used to hire people, only a few people came in with really trendy clothing (like leggings) and they came across as immature and unprofessional. On one person the only reason I even gave them a second chance with a second interview was because they came to me with a glowing recommendation from someone I had worked with. They repeated it with the second interview too and again came off as unprofessional and immature so I didn't give them the job.
  9. I'd also have to say "pass" on the leggings.
  10. ITA leggings are a big no-no for interviews even in your field. Stick with a skirted suit or pantsuit and those CL's!

    I am job interviewing full-time right now. I'm in the IT field which means a typical workday is jeans, khakis, polo shirts, etc...industry is 95% men. I have a lightweight wool deep olive green (skirted) suit which I would normally wear but it's been super hot this month and I would literally melt. And I haven't felt like splurging on a spring/summer suit (though I probably should).

    So...I've been interviewing in a black shortsleeved shirtdress and black Jimmy Choos! The dress looks great, I'm dressed in 5 minutes and there is NO BUTTON GAPPING (huge pet peeve of mine). It's conservative and professional and I'm not melting in sweat.

    Good luck with your interviewing!!!!
  11. save the leggings for when you actually get the job :devil:
  12. I work in an industry where folks don't dress for work. Mostly folks wear jeans. On an interview however I always dress up. Suit or skirt.
    I would suggest you do the same for Neimans.
  13. maybe for Nordstrom, but not for Neiman's IMO - go with black slacks, CL's, and a button-up or a matching jacket
  14. It really really depends on what the job is that you're interviewing for. I don't agree with wearing a suit on every interview, but that's because for what I do (I work in the fashion design industry), it's actually important to not dress too conservatively. When I go to an interview, I have to dress for whatever brand I'd be working at, and that even means jeans sometimes. If I showed up in a suit I think that would actually work against my favor in most cases. So I think it depends entirely on the position you'll be interviewing for...
  15. I'd say no. Even if it's for Neiman... You want to overly impress them. A suit ALWAYS gets the points. No matter what job you're applying for, it shows that you're serious and professional.

    you don't need to go in a full on suit, but maybe dress pants and a nice blouse or a pencil skirt and a nice shirt?