Is it Ok to wear leggings to an interview?

  1. Is leggings appropiate for an interview for Neiman ? with a fashionable dress on top and CL pumps?
  2. depends on the job, but honestly, no. they are a department store, thus a rather conservative business if you ask me.

    is it a buyer or managerial position? I would think that you have to present yourself to their clients etc so IMO try to dress how they would want you to represent them for the interview already.

    if it is for a SA or so position: I have seen very fashionable SAs but never casual - and leggings and a dress are casual to me. i'd keep the pumps but wear a black wide leg trouser and shirt/blouse on top.

    the outfit you described would be ok if you were going for something creative - but then I am not in that business so might need other input.

    good luck with your interview!
  3. No, I don't think so. I think leggings are too trendy, casual and can be too "revealing" for a job interview. I would stick with a nice pair of dress pants and pair it with that top and those pumps
  4. I'd have to agree with no, I think you nedd something smarter for an interview
  5. I also think it would be a better idea if you didnt wear leggings, because they can be seen as too casual and trendy. Perhaps keep the top and shoes, and instead of the leggings a pair of pants or a skirt.

    Goodluck with your interview!!
  6. As a former retail exec...absolutely no. You will not be seen as a serious applicant.
  7. I see leggings as a trend and Neiman Marcus is more of a conservative department store (compared to ex: Barneys New York).
    I give it about 2 years (maybe less) and leggings will be a "don't" in fashion magazines again.
    I agree with everyone else! Something business appropriate but still stylish.
  8. You should always wear a suit to a job interview (unless asked otherwise).

    If you want to look trendy, wear a pretty top underneath the jacket etc. Also make sure the jacket and bottoms match!
  9. I would have to say no.
  10. ITA :yes: Always wear a suit. I usually put a pretty colored top or something a bit different underneath, as long as it still looks professional.

  11. I don't agree that leggings will be a short-run trend.

    When leggings were previously in, they became a fashion staple, not just a trend and stayed in favour for about a decade (until bootlegs and flares made a reappearance).

    Over here, I think it would probably be fine, as long as the rest of your outfit was fashionable and upmarket (which it sounds like it is!) and especially if you were applying for a fashion position; but I, obviously, can't speak for the US, as I think we have slightly different attitudes to dress over here. :smile:

    Good luck with the interview! :biggrin:
  12. No, deffinatly not. They draw attention to your legs, which can come off as "unproffessional" or "immature" when you're in a situation where the interviewer is looking at everything to try to get an idea of how you will handle the job, especially in a fashion-related possition. I would even go as far to say that the dress idea MIGHT be a no. If it is structured, minimal, and hits just at the knee, then maybe. But if it is flowing, tight-fitting, or what you might call a summer dress, day dress, or a coctail dress, than no. I'd say the safest route would be to wear a pant suit with a stylish blouse with either thick straps or sleeves. You want to convey personality and confidence, but show that you can be professional. Closed-toed shoes are always the way to go though so you're pretty good there.

    Hope this helped! Good luck on your interview and I hope you get the job!
  13. Forgot to add that in the past, I have always dressed fashionably, but smartly, for every interview I've been to and amazingly(!), I have never not got the job! :shocked:

    TBH, I think if you are dressed well (even if it is a little 'too fashionably'!), can speak intelligently and fluently and are what they are looking for, in every other way, most employers will normally give you the job, anyway. :shrugs:

    This is because most of them know that it's always better to employ the best candidate and (if necessary) ask them to tone down their dress, slightly, than it is to employ the less good candidate.

    I have always felt that it would be slightly dishonest for me to dress in a conservative suit for an interview, if I never intended to wear one ever again and I, personally, wouldn't want a job if the employer didn't like the real me!

    The most conservatively I have ever dressed for an interview, was in a fashionable (at the time) grey suit with a longish mini-skirt (with tights)!

    At least every employer has known exactly what they are getting, right from the get-go, when they've employed me! :biggrin:

    I'm sure this is a slightly risky strategy, so please proceed with extreme caution if you really want the job, but still! :lol:
  14. OK, I've just thought of another thing (sorry! :rolleyes: :shame: :lol: ).

    How ridiculous is it, in this day and age, that someone can go and buy a conservative-looking, but cheaply made and hideous suit (made by Chinese children) for $30 and be considered 'smart'; whereas, a person can potentially spend several thousand dollars (or more), on the best designer clothes, and be considered 'too fashionable to employ'?!

    It may have been one thing to view the suit as the pinnacle of good taste in the '50s, when it was probably the most expensive piece of clothing most people owned (apart from eveningwear); but these days?! :shrugs:
  15. I agree that the conservative route is always better. Nobody will ever say you were too dressed up for an interview. Go for a simple, clean suit. Better to wear proper hosiery and play it safe.