Is it ok to wear a ring on your left hand ring finger? Pls your pics and comments.

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  1. What do you think? I know many wear right hand rings. What about the left? Some rings just look better on the ring finger . Do you need to be married or engaged? Please share your thoughts and photos. Thanks!!
  2. I don't think you need to be married or engaged to wear a ring on your left hand, I know when some women get promise rings thats where they put it. Also some cultures wear their wedding rings on their right hand. Although I personally think it is weird if a woman who is not married or engaged wears diamond engagement ring on their left hand. At the end I think if the person is comfortable with it that's all that matters.
  3. Wear what you want where you want! Is someone gonna arrest you?
  4. Lol no arresting necessary but will questions come up if there is a ring on that finger? For example, Katy Perry was recently photographed with a ring on that finger and all this speculation started on the news. Is she engaged etc. why can't she just wear a ring on that finger?
  5. I think many women choose not to wear a ring on their left-hand ring finger because they don't want people to think they are married if they are not. That isn't a concern for many people, so absolutely wear what you are comfortable with. I used to wear rings on that finger all the time before I was engaged because I really didn't care what strangers thought.
  6. I think traditionally people think of it as an engagement ring. So just if you're out on the prowl maybe don't wear it that day. :lol:
  7. True ;)
  8. You can wear it whichever finger/hand you desire, so long you are comfortable with it. Personally, I wear mine on my right, only because it's more comfortable since I find it feels more nicer than my left. It's sort of like clasping your hands in one direction feels nicer than another direction, where it might feel a bit odder.
  9. Katy Perry is a celebrity and people will pry about her private life. I don't think it's the same for the rest of us. I am not married and I often wear a ring on my left ring finger because I find it more comfortable and flattering than the middle finger. (I have another ring for my right finger - I do love my jewels and don't have enough fingers otherwise!)

    Very occasionally someone has asked if it's a wedding ring and I just reply "Nope, not a wedding ring." A couple of my friends are Eastern European and wear their wedding rings on their right hand. People here might assume they are single, but that's not a big deal. I don't think you should worry about strangers' assumptions about your marital status. Wear whatever you think looks nice :smile:
  10. Does the ring look like an engagement type of ring or is it something fun and big that looks great on that finger? I am not a huge fan of rings on the middle finger or pointing finger so in order to accommodate the jewelry habit available fingers are limited...I guess it depends on how the ring looks so as not to stir up any questions.
  11. This is the ring I wear on my left ring finger:

    (Ouch - I see the price has about doubled since I purchased!)

    Mine is actually rose gold which must be discontinued. It would be a non traditional wedding ring if it were one, but it's relatively plain and *could* be mistaken for a wedding band. I must say I don't mind. I'm sure most people aren't that observant about others' jewellery, and anyway, there are no rules anymore IMO. Single women might wear promise rings on that finger; separated women sometimes keep their bands to avoid prying questions; some married women don't like to wear rings at all. It's all totally OK as long as you are happy.
  12. Wow pretty! Thanks for posting. I did see a picture of Rhianna today in a MAC ad and she was wearing what looked like a diamond eternity band on her left hand ring finger. You are right. Perhaps the old rules don't apply anymore!
  13. The old rules are definitely over. So many gorgeous rings and only two hands! Wear whatever rings you like on whatever hand you like, I say.

    And since we are on a purse forum, carry a wild and individual handbag with them too!
  14. I have too many rings to not utilize the 4th finger of my left hand.
  15. So true you two. I like how you think in Australia and SF :smile: The rules are still different I think in certain places.