Is it ok to wear a black and white dress to a wedding??

  1. I know your not suppose to wear white, So this dress has equal parts black and white (white with black floral prints or vice versa....basically equal parts..)...So it this proper?

    Thanks Everyone!
  2. Yes, I believe that is fine to wear.
  3. Sounds like it would be fine. I've seen people wear black and white to weddings before, and it's never been a problem.
  4. Considering I just came back from a wedding tonight and saw at least three different girls wearing black and white dresses...I'll definitely say yes! :smile:
  5. Yup, definitely okay! =)
  6. That's exactly what I wore to the last wedding I was at so I hope it is ok. Nobody said anything at least...
  7. I think it's ok!
  8. I think that would be fine!
  9. I went to a wedding and that's all you saw??? I think since the Black and White store opened in Malls you're seeing more and more of this.
  10. Been to alot of weddings and black and white are ok.
  11. I think it's completely fine.
  12. Yes, that is perfectly fine. The old school rules dictate that you shouldn't wear ALL white or ALL black, but a mixture of the two done tastefully is perfectly acceptable.
  13. Ok thanks everyone!
  14. I've certainly done it before.
  15. Black and white or just black is fine. Not just white.