Is it ok to ship a 4k bag to a unconfirmed pp address?

  1. As soon as I saw CHANEL - I smelled scam. How many threads have been started her about a roughly 4K Chanel, and has ended in heartbreak? I agree you should run away from this, & if she still wants to buy, as MMMSC suggested Bank Check.

    Oh, btw, what did her feedback look like?
  2. Well, it's been 24 hours since I did the refund. I sent the buyer a message explaining the reason for refund and advised her confirmed pp address is required if she wants to buy.

    So far, no reply. I did the right thing for sure.

    I recently sold another 4k Chanel bag to a buyer on eBay and that went very smoothly. However, the feedbacks of this buyer are all positive and mostly on luxury goods. I feel positive feedbacks are good indications if the transaction is going to go smoothly or not.

    Cocolo, she has no feedback, this is thru bonz, not eBay.
  3. Yes, you did the right thing.... she may have been a legitimate buyer (although

    I doubt that) but without shipping to a confirmed pp address & not transferring

    the funds so she could take care of this, makes me really wonder????

    and with 4k being involved... better to be safe than sorry!!