Is it ok to ship a 4k bag to a unconfirmed pp address?

  1. This is for 4k..not sure I would be willing to take a chance..

    There are many buyers who look for an opportunity not saying there

    is one here.. but certainly would not ship to an unconfirmed address..

    I'd rather be safe than sorry...
  2. Absolutely NOT!!!
  3. Thanks for everyone's reply.

    I got a reply from the buyer. She claims that since she can't pay within the timeline, she asked her step dad in Singapore to pay, that's why it's unconfirmed.

    This communication was done thru Bonz.
  4. I would definitely not complete the transaction this way. I would refund the payment, and suggest she have her step dad transfer the money into her Paypal account. She can then pay you from her own Paypal account. The transaction should then be marked "eligible" for seller protection.
  5. I agree with all the very informed TPF'ers on your thread OP: No, do not go thru with this transaction.
    And G.L. with a positive resolution for you. :tup:
  6. Don't do it!
  7. Refund the money and tell her you will gladly give her a few days to have the funds transferred to her Paypal account because it is per eBay not to ship to an un-confirmed address.
  8. Exactly what I would do :tup:
  9. Thank you all very much. I just refunded the full amount and told her if she still want to purchase, she would need to have enough fund in her own paypal account, then she can purchase again and the transaction would be marked 'eleigible' for seller protection, as mentioned by northerndancer.

    Also, I called paypal to inquire about this transaction, they were able to tell me that the billing address is kind of fishy, it has two countries, singapore and australia. The rep kind of hinted not to go ahead with this transaction.

    I feel so relieved now, knowing that I am not at risk if anything happens. just never know!

    Thank you all! :ty:
  10. Sounds like a big red flag for a scammer to rip you off. Don't sell it to this buyer.
  11. I would do it that's to risky
  12. Be interesting to see if there is further communication with this buyer. I would suggest she pay with bank transfer or something you can verify before even sending the bag. Sounds risky, glad you backed out of this one. Although I do have to say I recently sold a $1K bag on Bonz to a 0 FB buyer and she paid with Google checkout and it was fine. But $4K -- NO. Please keep us posted.
  13. Yep sounds like a big scam to me too. Please do let us know if you ever hear from her again.
  14. OH my "daddy" is going to pay for this... yeah that's a good one!! OP you did the right thing ....
  15. that is way to much money to gamble on!!!! you did the right thing OP - now if she wants it she will get it the right way!