Is it ok to ship a 4k bag to a unconfirmed pp address?


Apr 16, 2008
I just sold a 4k Chanel bag on Bonz, asked the buyer before she purchased if her pp address is confirmed, she said yes.

However, when I received the pmt this morning, the buyer is a non-US verified, and shipping address is in US. It says on the detailed page of this transaction that I am only partially eligible for the seller's protection, but NOT protected if the buyer claims for a charge back.

The buyer has no history/feedback on Bonz, just joined recently. At first she said she can only pay 1k after I approve her order, I then told her that if I don't receive full pmt by end of today, will cancel transaction. Next thing to know, received the full pmt this morning.

Does this sound fishy?? Have never sold to a non-confirmed pp address.

Should I just refund the money and cancel the Bonz transaction?


a guy
May 4, 2012
I've done it for small items but not sure I'd do it for 4k. However you might want to talk to her on the phone, look at her address on streetview, see if there's anything that would make you more comfortable. Or less.