Is It OK To Send Back A Bottle of wine ?

  1. Is it ok to send back a bottle of wine in a restaurant ?

    Does it matter if it is Red, White or Pink ?

    What if a dinner guest brings a bottle of wine as a gift, should you open it and serve it ?
  2. At a restaurant, they usually pour a taste for one person to try. If the wine seems corked, it is fine to send it back. If a dinner guest brings a bottle of wine to a party and the wine complements the food being served and if the wine is at the proper temp, then I would say it is polite to serve the wine.
  3. Yes-if the bottle is bad-send it back, I am a big wine afficianado and have done it-that is why they let you taste it first.

    And, I believe proper etiquette is to serve anything a dinner guest brings you as a gift unless they specifically say "this is for you for later". Hopefully your friends have good taste in wines and brought soemthing that goes well with dinner!
  4. At a resturant whoever is offered to taste the wine before it is served should speak up right away if it is unacceptable for whatever reason. When a dinner guest brings a bottle of wine to your home you absolutely MUST open the bottle IMO.
  5. Absolutely - if it is swill it goes back.
  6. Agree with Nishi. But what if the wine does not go with the food. Do you serve it anyway or before the meal?? What if they insist and bring a reisling and you have steak??
  7. Then you serve it as an appetizer or for dessert
  8. defininately send the wine back at a restaurant if it's a bad bottle. it happens sometimes...just gets a musty or rancid taste. as a server i want you to have the best meal possible and bad wine doesn't work towards that goal. :smile:

    i thought the proper ettiquette for wine brought as a host/ess gift was to save it? at least it's that way in my parents circle (my friends are more liquor people). usually the host has a wine picked out to pair specifically with the meal....although by the end of the night we've gone through that, what everyone brought, and something from my parents wine collection (there's like 14 of us in my family including SOs) so it's not really an issue. :smile:
  9. I agree with the other posts...the server/wine steward offers a taste to one person at the table and if they don't like it they should have no problems speaking up.

    If someone brings a bottle of wine to a party, IMO the host/hostess is not obligated to serve it that night at all. It was a gift and can go in the wine rack after the party! It's rude for the giver to insist on opening it (unless it was something super special, rare vintage they were all searching for)...but if it absolutely must be opened and it doesn't go with the food the host is preparing then it's fine to have it with hors d'oeuvres or after dinner sipping.

    I usually open the bottle and pour a glass for everyone to toast.

    Cheers! :wlae:
  10. Actually, don't you think it's ok to thank the guest and set the bottle aside for latter? Particularly if there are multiple guests with too much wine for one evening. Some hostesses go out of their way to select wine that complements their particular meal -- in which case, perhaps the guest wine could be offered after dinner or saved.

    Basically, I always view the wine one brings to a dinner party as a "hostess gift" so the recepients are free to comsume it at their liesure:smile:

    Meanwhile, if the wine is "corked" or otherwise not good at a restaurant, you should certainly send it back. I've done so several times.
  11. If the wine offered at the restaurant is no good (as in it's turned), then sending back is ok. If you just don't like it, then tough luck, you have to finish the bottle. And please, don't smell the cork.

    If someone brought wine to a dinner at my house, I'll serve it unless it totally clashes with the meal. But chances are, people will hang out after the meal and continue to drink so it will get consumed. However, if I brought wine to a dinner party, I will not expect the hosts to serve it that night.
  12. Uh oh, Kat! I think I'm in trouble! A friend brought me a REALLY fine bottle of wine during a casual get-together and I set it aside for later. Oops....
  13. i agree with Nishi.

  14. As I said, I actually think that's OK (not to start a big debate w/ Kat, LOL!) but I don't think you did anything wrong IntlSet:rolleyes:
  15. I believe in more upscale restaurants, you sample the wine and if it is good then you keep it, otherwise sent it back. As for when friends, etiquette is to open and share with others, unless they specifically say it's for you later.