Is it ok to return/exchange....?

  1. Is it ok to return/exchange after the vachetta handles seem to have a patina? I think it would be embarrassing if the SA brought that up. The purchase was made less than a week ago from the LV store and I have used the bag a couple of times (test drive) while hoping to decide. Blame it on the extreme sunny weather! Is it bad of me to use the bag while still trying to decide? :huh:
  2. no as long as its not over 14 days than its ok
  3. some people say its over 30 daysi have no idea though!
  4. the Manhattan store on 57th St says it's 14 days for a refund, and 30 days for an exchange

    but you know what? a friend of mine who lives in Long Island got a Wapity at the Toronto Bloor St store, and when she got home she realized it already had a patina. so she went to the Manhattan 57th St store to try and exchange it, and the SA said even though the purchase had been made only 3 days earlier, they couldn't exchange the Wapity for her because there was already a patina, and in the first place any store isn't even allowed to sell things like that. apparently when their unsold items develop the patina, they're sent back to the workshop for new ones.

    so now my friend is stuck with her oxidized Wapity. you can try the 57th St store (i think i read somewhere that you're from the city), and see if your luck was better than hers.

    all the best!
  5. I couldn't do it personally. I couldn't carry a bag for a week, let the handles begin to patina and take it back.
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  6. ahh ok! thanks for clearing that up!! :yes: :heart:
  7. Under my receipts (LV boutique,Australia) It says item in it's original condition can be returned within 14days for an exchange or store credit.If it's obviously used,I'll call the boutique and find out first.:smile:
  8. I know, I feel really bad too, I have never been so indecisive, one minute I love it and definitely want to keep it which was why I used it, next minute I was not so sure as the snap closure was kind of annoying. It was an impulse buy last Friday because of the impending price hike. The bag is quite old, from 2003. I wonder if it already had a slight patina when I bought it? Although it is probably my fault too from using it on Sat when it was so sunny out. Yes, return is 14 days, exchange is 30 days. I'm afraid if I do it I'll be blacklisted, yet I wish I was 100 % satisfied which is why I took the bag out for a 2nd spin, and then the 3rd to convince myself! Damn, now I think it is really mine as I am stuck with it !
  9. I would'nt take it back if the bag already has a patina. It has to be returned at it's original condition. YPK if you don't like the bag you can always sell in at the MP or ebay :graucho:
  10. Which bag is it?
  11. I definately wouldn't take it back, you've used it and its begun to patina...if lv was lax with their return policy, we'd all be upset about getting slightly patina'd handbags that we know have been used before. i also wouldn't want to deal with the embarrassment of having an SA point out to me that its clearly been used. you must like it somewhat since you bought it in the first place...and like it was suggested before, you can always sell it! sorry that's just my two cents.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input. It's the Partition which has been discontinued. At first I was happy to have an old bag as frankly, I think the workmanship is better. I really do like it, but I still have not quite figured out how to carry it. It is too big to be a wristlet, too small to be a true bag and if I carry it wrong, the snap in the front comes off, yet the size is perfect for my needs as the Wapity is too small.
  13. It says on the receipt it has to be in sellable condition so I could say no.
  14. YPK, I have the Partition, and I carry it like a clutch. Sometimes I put my wrist through the strap. If you are worried about the snap on the front, just don't put anything important there. I put eyedrops and gum in that front pocket.

    Good luck!!
  15. I guess it would all depend on how dark it has gotten. Is it very noticeable, or barely? I know how it feels to second guess an impulse buy. If it is not reall dark, and otherwise in perfect condition...I say go for it!