is it OK to put charms on a skinny?

  1. i am hesitant to put one but i wanna try it.... any opinions? suggestions?:idea:
  2. Why hesitant? I wouldn't but my skinnies are thrown around my purse.
  3. I would, i love to find any excuse to put a charm on anything really.
  4. My daughter uses hers all the time. She's 15 and has a student DL so drives to school and all activities. She keeps her DL, ID, debit card and cash in it and her car key and remote starter are on the keychain.

    She just got a "K" charm and added it to the skinny and it's so cute!!!
  5. I did. I put the initial that my 3 year old picked out for me when she went shopping with dad. Since I use my mini every day (car & house keys on it) she's happy because she loves to see me use it.
  6. LOL! Me too!!
  7. I wouldn't. I would put the charm on a bag. But I don't know, it might look REALLY cute.
  8. I think it looks better on the skinny then it does on most bags. I have my lips on my flip flop keychain and that clips to my wristlet.
  9. I say "YES" !! :yes: Go for it! I also think charms would look ultra cute on a wristlet... I may have to try that!!
  10. You could. I only have 1 charm so far but I'm just starting to get into it so....:yes:
  11. angel go for it!!!!!!!!! which one where you thinking of? the charms would look extra cute on the patent. my favorite bag with charms on it is the patent tote.
  12. i'm thinking bout the lips charm.. it's so cute! or the brass heart with a "coach" on it
  13. I just got that! It goes on my flip flop keychain. I keep one set of keys on my mj skinny, and keep my extra on this keychain.
    group charms and bal first grey.jpg
  14. oh that's adorable!!! if there's also a sandals charm, i'll go for it or a piggy charm
  15. THanks! I agree go for it, I clip it to whatever wristlet I use that day.